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Beta Lambda was founded on September 30, 1933 at University of Tennessee/Knoxville in Knoxville, TN. We've been around 86 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 5. We currently have a total of 183 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.15! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $0.00!

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Beta Lambda Takes Home Three Awards at the 2018 UT Greek Awards

At this year’s annual Greek Awards at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Beta Lambda was honored with three different awards. One of the chapter’s new members, Emma Conn, received the New Member of the Year Award. When asked what that meant to her, Emma stated,” When I rushed Delta Zeta, every time I walked into the doors I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance. I owe who I am today to the Delta Zeta Sorority. Being honored with this year’s National Panhellenic Council New Member of the Year, I realized how much of an impact I can make in the community with Delta Zeta on my side. I am so honored to be a Delta Zeta, and a sorority woman.”

Chapter Advisor of the Year was awarded to Beta Lambda CCD, DeeDee Cooper. One of the nominations was written by Academic Chair Kayla Fraser, “DeeDee pours her heart and soul into this job every single day, whether she is here or traveling the world as an advocate to end dating violence. Her advice and guidance pushes our members to exceed in everything we do. DeeDee cares about who we are today and who we will be five years from now. DeeDee donated a kidney to her brother this summer and it was just another example of the type of person she is. I have never met a more driven, caring and beautiful inside and out individual in my life and I’m proud she is my sister.

Recent alumnae Eduarda Lague won Outstanding Council Member. Eduarda served as the Panhellenic Vice President of Internal Affairs and was just recently accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Law School, the #7 law school in the country.

We are so proud of our sisters and their constant accomplishments. All of these awards mean so much to us and we hope that we can continue our winning streak in the future.

Beta Lambda receives Three Awards at the 2018 Greek Awards at UT

On January 31, University of Tennessee Knoxville held their annual Greek Awards. Our chapter, Beta Lambda, took home three awards! Our new member, Emma Conn, received New Member of the Year, our chapter advisor, DeeDee Cooper, received Advisor of the Year, and our recent alumni, Eduarda Lague, received Outstanding Council Member. We are so excited for our sisters and their accomplishments and hope to continue this winning streak in in years to come!

Beta Lambda Chapter (University of Tennessee/Knoxville) breaks service and philanthropy records, raising over $30,000

The Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville was proud to honor 43 members of the chapter who exceeded the required 36 service hours for the 2016-2017 school year. McKenzie Coffman, a junior, logged an amazing 146 hours of service during this school year.

Elizabeth Longmire, Vice President of Philanthropy, and the Fall and Spring Philanthropy Chairmen, proudly displayed a check for $30,194.85 raised by the Beta Lambda Chapter, which will be distributed to Delta Zeta's national philantrhopy and the chapter's local philanthropies this year. "This is a chapter record!" said Abigail Cox, Public Relatons Chairman.

Beta Lambda Chapter's BreakFest raises hope and money to battle childhood cancer

This fall, the Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennesee/Knoxvlle hosted its first BreakFest family event. Putting a twist on the chapter's past RibFest event, friends and family of chapter members had a great time starting a new tradition with Beta Lambda. 

"The money we raised hosting this event all goes towards our new local philanthropy, The Butterfly Fund," said member Shelby Lane Stewart. "The Butterfly Fund supports research, treatments and services for children fighting to defeat childhood cancer. We are so honored to be able to work with this organization in any way that we can. Specifically, the money raised by this event will go towards hosting The Annual Butterfly and Bow ties event created by The Butterfly Fund as well The East Tennessee Children's Hospital. We were excited to be a part of a night these kids will never forget!"

Eduarda Lague, Beta Lambda Academic Chairman at Univ. of Tennessee/Knoxville, is passionate about global awareness and service to others

Eduarda Lague, the Academic Chairman for the Beta Lambda Chapter at University of Tennessee/Knoxville, is dedicated to many things in her life. But college and learning are foremost. As Academic Chairman, scholarship is a commitment she takes seriously. And learning for Eduarda goes beyond the classroom, into the global classroom that is our world. She plans to never stop learning.

Eduarda, a sophomore with a double major in political science and Hispanic studies and a double minor in Portuguese and Latin American studies, was born in Brazil. While that country is her home, she has found another one -- the Delta Zeta chapter of Beta Lambda on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville.

"When I first arrived at college," she said, "I knew I wanted to branch out and get out of my comfort zone. While I felt a sorority was the best way to do this, I didn't realize everything I would receive from being in a sorority. Delta Zeta truly gave me a 'home away from home' and introduced me to women who will be my friends for far more than our four years of college.

"Through all the selfless women and leaders in Delta Zeta, I was inspired to give back to my community, and Delta Zeta truly strengthened the importance of being a part of something bigger than yourself. It helped me find my passions and moved me to get more involved in my community and campus."

To give and serve is her biggest passion. Eduarda is a part of several organizations on campus, including Minority Enhancement for The University of Tennessee (ME4UT); serving as co-president of I Am That Girl, a movement inspiring girls to love, express, and be exactly who they are through open forums without fear of judgment or ridicule; and as communications officer for law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta.

"I could not have imagined being on the Executive Board of not only Delta Zeta, but also multiple other organizations on UT's campus," she said. "With the endless love and support from my Delta Zeta sisters, I was inspired to be the best me and encouraged that I could do anything I set my mind to. Along with many 'yes's' come the 'no's,' and with many highs come many lows. I don't know what I would have done without my sisters' support through all the good and bad. I was shaped into a stronger and compassionate person by the endless love and support that Delta Zeta has shown me."

How does Eduarda believe that she is making a difference in the lives of others? "I never do something for the title or the acknowledgment," she said emphatically. "My passions and goals motivate me, and whenever I take on a leadership position, it is to give back to something that I love in hopes to give my all to help the organization continue to grow. I hope that I can inspire people to chase their dreams and make them believe that they can truly do anything with hard work.

"I hope my passions and work ethic reflect in who I am in my day to day life," Eduarda continued. "I try to step up to the plate when needed and help others to succeed. By being a leader, I hope to help people strive to give their all and find their passions. In Delta Zeta, as Academic Chairman, my goals are to motivate women to do well academically and be a guide whenever they need help or a resource. I try to build others up as well as help them achieve their potential in whatever they hope to do. I want to build others up, and by doing so, I hope to have positively impacted the people I come in contact with.

Through her love of culture and language (Eduarda speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese) and her passion for giving, Eduarda is sharing Delta Zeta values through global citizenship. She spoke about this when she said, "Just as in Delta Zeta you are a part of something bigger than yourself, I believe being a global citizen means realizing you are a part of a global community bigger than just your local identity. A global citizen tries to bring together and belong to different cultures, values and impact the world around her. Being born in Brazil and having a Brazilian family and culture, but growing up in the United States, has shaped me into the person I am today. I don't have a set identity and rather just identify to a range of cultures and values with a mixing of all the different people, places and knowledge I have interacted with."

Eduarda explains why global citizenship is so important in our world today. "It is important to keep an open mind and know there is always something more to learn or experience. I want to keep expanding and exploring different cultures and languages in the world and never settle for what I am surrounded with. While I may be studying abroad in Spain this summer and speak three languages, my goal is to continue studying in different countries and expand my language knowledge. Through my passion for languages, cultures and leadership, I hope to pursue a career in international or immigration law in the hope to make an impact on the global community.

"My parents have always inspired me through my Brazilian roots in the importance of community and being globally aware. As one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books, 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower,' by Stephen Chbosky, says, 'We can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there.' It reminds me to always stay humble and never forget your roots, but to also know no matter what, you can do anything you set your mind to."

Beta Lambda Chapter (University of Tennesse/Knoxville) raises $7,000 for Starkey Hearing FoundationHike for Hearing
June 17, 2016

Beta Lambda H4H 2016 resized_n.jpg

Beta Lambda Chapter hosted its first annual Hike for Hearing flag football tournament at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville. "Although we were nervous about hosting a new event," said Caitlin Cox, LAMP Editor, "it turned out to be an incredibly profound and productive adventure."

Devon Butrum, Philanthropy Chairman, did much of the planning and work to ensure the event was a success. With a large number of participants, the event raised $7,000 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Devon shared, "I could see how passionate our chapter was about donating to speech and hearing after hosting this phenomenal philanthropy event. I feel that it was an honor to plan such an incredible event for an equally incredible cause."

Devon's passion for our philanthropy has grown through this new experience and she is excited to be involved in the chapter's future philanthropy events. "We admire Devon's giving spirit and truly appreciate her enthusiasm as a sister of Delta Zeta!" said Caitlin.
Beta Lambda Chapter (University of Tennessee/Knoxville) volunteers for project for The Painted Turtle camp
April 15, 2016

Members of the Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville enjoyed decorating bags to send to The Painted Turtle camp! "It was so much fun helping out and getting involved with our national service project!" said Caitlin Cox, LAMP Editor.
Beta Lambda Chapter places second in University of Tennessee/Knoxville time-honored event, Carnicus
April 15, 2016

Members of the Beta Lambda Chapter recently participated in the time-honored spring festival at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville called Carnicus! "We teamed up with Chi Omega to perform a skit in The Classics division," said Caitlin Cox, LAMP Editor. "The women worked so hard for weeks to perfect a rendition of 'The Lion King,' with an added University of Tennessee twist! We placed second in our division and our members were so enthusiastic to be involved!"
Beta Lambda Chapter places first in competitive events at University of Tennessee/Knoxville and raised a total of $11,274 for speech and hearing
March 4, 2016

The Beta Lambda Chapter has had an exciting year thus far at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville.

The chapter's new members for placed fourth out of 13 sororities in Lipsync, which benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Beta Lambda placed first in Carnicus, a 100-year-old entertainment competition, in the Co-Ed Division, and placed first in the All-Sing, All Girls Division.

“Hoops for Hearing” and “Taco Tuesday” philanthropy events raised a total of $11,274 for speech and hearing, and two members were picked to act as ambassadors on a trek to Haiti with Circle of Sisterhood, through UTK's Panhellenic Council.