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Beta Xi was founded on May 11, 1940 at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. We've been around 79 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 15. We currently have a total of 174 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.36! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 110 service hours and $0.00!

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Beta Xi wins Panhellenic Service Award for the second year

Auburn University Panhellenic recently held their annual Awards Banquet to recognize the work of their officers, and Beta Xi member Lauren Brands (left) was awarded the Panhellenic Service Award this year. The award is named the 2018 Lauren Campisi Award, after a Beta Xi who graduated in May of 2018 (pictured below with Brands). The award is meant to symbolize gracious giving to Auburn's Panhellenic Cabinet. It is the very first Panhellenic service award, and we are so proud to have had a Beta Xi win this award two years in a row!

Lauren has been involved with Panhellenic every year of her college experience serving as Beta Xi's Junior Panhellenic Delegate, the Director of Junior Panhellenic Delegates, and the Director of Social Media and said that it has been one of her favorite things to be involved with on campus and has taught her so much.

We are so proud of Lauren for serving our Panhellenic community so faithfully! Congratulations on a well-deserved award!

Beta Xi Member appointed to Panhellenic Executive Board

Beta Xi member, Lyndsey Davis, was recently chosen to serve Auburn Panhellenic as Vice President for Recruitment. Lyndsey has previously served on the Recruitment Executive Board as Assistant Recruitment Computer Analyst and has been involved in Panhellenic throughout her time at Auburn serving Beta Xi as the Junior Panhellenic Delegate and Panhellenic Delegate.

Lyndsey loved serving on the Recruitment Executive Board for Recruitment 2018 and getting to learn the Panhellenic side of recruitment and more about the process as a whole. Her position as Assistant Recruitment Computer Analyst gave her the unique perspective of the technical side with the computer and she learned how the matching process works. The Recruitment Executive Board consists of women from different Auburn Panhellenic sororities, and Lyndsey said it was amazing to watch the group come together to make Recruitment 2018 the best recruitment possible. Lyndsey is excited to lead her team through Recruitment 2019 with her experience from last year in mind and strives to make Recruitment 2019 even better. Her main goals are to increase financial transparency and accessibility in Auburn’s recruitment process while fostering a strong sense of community across all 18 Panhellenic chapters through recruitment.

The Vice President for Recruitment has many responsibilities including selecting and training the 126 Pi Chis (recruitment counselors), making and executing plans for formal recruitment, managing the Continuous Open Bidding process, and conducting chapter recruitment chair meetings for all 18 chapters. Lyndsey has already been working so hard to prepare for Recruitment 2019, and Beta Xi is excited to see her lead our Panhellenic community well!

Beta Xi Members Compete in Miss Auburn University

On October 7, 2018, the annual Miss Auburn University pageant was held. The Beta Xi chapter of Delta Zeta had two participants, Taylor Hoff and Anne Landau. Anne was given the Miss Congeniality award and received $100 in scholarship money. Taylor received 3rd runner up and $2000 in scholarships.

When asked about her experience, Taylor shared:

“I had such an amazing experience competing for the chance to represent my university as Miss Auburn University and go on to compete for Miss Alabama through the Miss America Organization. After competing at Miss Georgia last year, I knew I wanted to continue to compete in pageants as they have grown me into a strong and confident individual while developing my passion for making a difference in other’s lives.

While competing for Miss Auburn University, I competed in Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit, Onstage Question, Private Interview, Evening Gown, and Talent. I walked away with 3rd runner up and over $2,000 in scholarships that I can use to further my education!

I have developed my own personal platform, Dare to CARE, where I am constantly working with my campus to improve the safety of students on my college campus as well as campuses across the county. I have also volunteered for the national platform of Miss America, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, where I have now raised over $2,000 for CMNH.

While competing in these pageants, I have felt an overwhelming amount of support from my friends and most importantly, my Delta Zeta sisters. From sending me supportive messages and love to helping me raise over $300 in one night for the national platform of Miss America, they never leave me to tackle a challenge alone! I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Beta Xi sisters and I am so thankful for the constant support while I pursue my dream of one-day competing at Miss America!!”

We are so proud of these members!

Beta Xi holds new philanthropy event

On October 10th, the Beta Xi chapter held a new philanthropy event, Delta Ziti. It was a total success! They raised $10,000 for the Starkey Hearing foundation. The event took place in the student center during lunch time. According to the Vice President of Philanthropy, Katie Cronin, this was a large part of the success of the event. Students at Auburn University had the opportunity to buy tickets that granted them access to all-you-can eat pasta and breadstick from Olive Garden – a very easy sale according to Historian, Torie Novara.

When asked how she felt the event went, Katie said,

“I felt it went really well! With all the weather problems, I was worried it would flop, but the university was completely supportive to help move it inside last minute. This was a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to project videos about Starkey and have more decorations that spread awareness of our philanthropy. I think it went better than expected, especially for a new event. I know lots of other Panhellenic girls were excited for it, and lots of non-greek students actually participated simply because it was in the SC, and they saw people with pasta. I think it’ll definitely be an event we can stick with in the future, and I look forward to seeing what the next VP of Philanthropy will do to make it even better!”

Congrats on a job well done!

Beta Xi wins awards at Convocation

On March 20, 2018, Auburn Panhellenic held its annual Convocation where awards and scholarships were presented to sororities and their members. Two members of the Beta Xi chapter of Delta Zeta were awarded.

Lauren Campisi was awarded the Jean H. Wells award by the Epsilon Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jean Wells contributed not only to Kappa Kappa Gamma but also to the Panhellenic system. The Epsilon Eta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma wanted to recognize a Panhellenic Woman who had showed Mrs. Well’s dedication to volunteerism, involvement, and spirit. Lauren has spent many hours volunteering on behalf of AU Panhellenic and has held multiple offices as a member of Delta Zeta. She very well embodies the dedication of Mrs. Well’s.

Grace Anne Latimer received the Panhellenic Endowed Award. The Panhellenic Scholarship is presented based on the recipient’s financial need, involvement in both sorority and campus activities, and grade point average. Over 300 women applied for five Panhellenic Scholarships and only twenty-five were given interviews for the five scholarships. Grace Anne’s involvement in Delta Zeta and in Auburn’s community allowed her to excel above the other applicants.

Congratulations to these two amazing women!

Beta Xi Chapter participates in Auburn University Dance Marathon

Auburn University Miracle Network Dance Marathon (AUDM) is an annual fundraising event held on Auburn’s campus that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. AUDM 2018 raised $568,417.07 for the kids. Delta Zeta formed a team that raised $20,915.98, ranking this team eighth in overall fundraising. Nineteen members of Delta Zeta contributed to this effort.

Months and months of work are put into preparing for this event by almost 200 students on Auburn’s campus, and this year eight of those students are members of Delta Zeta. These women include:
Taylor Watson, Director of Public Relations
Lauren Henson, Director of Dancer Relations
Caroline Conerly, Assistant Director of Auburn Family
Sydney O’Brien, Assistant Director of Corporate Sponsorships
Helaina Theos, Committee Member of Fundraising
Reeves Holden, Committee Member of Multimedia
Olivia Hammond, Committee Member of Special Events
Michelle Perley, Morale Captain

When asked about the support given by her sisters, Michelle Perley commented, “On the day of AUDM's Main Event, my job as a Morale Captain is to bring as much energy as I can to a room filled with hundreds of people in order to keep them dancing and fundraising for our kids for 14 hours. I had an overwhelming amount of support from my sisters beginning the moment I was chosen as a Morale Captain back in April 2017. This support was maintained the entire year as I fundraised and promoted AUDM's main event. It all concluded at Main Event when I was standing on stage and able to look out into the crowd to see the encouragement and excitement on the faces of my sisters who came as participants, making it effortless to sustain my energy. I cannot thank them enough for helping me reach my fundraising goal, coming to Main Event, and constantly supporting me”.

“AUDM is an incredible event that supports a very worthy cause, and we are so proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by our sisters,” concluded Torie Novara, LAMP editor and Historian.

Two Beta Xi Members Receive Panhellenic Awards

We are so proud of all of our members that serve the Auburn University  Panhellenic Council. Two of our Beta Xi members received awards at the Panhellenic Awards Banquet. Lauren Brands, the Director of Junior Panhellenic, received the 2017 Outstanding Cabinet Member Award while Lauren Campisi, Director of Greek Sing, received the first Panhellenic Service Award. Hereafter the Panhellenic Service Award will be known as the Lauren Elizabeth Campisi Award! Lauren Campisi's legacy of service will live on as she graduates, and each year when someone receives this award we will be reminded of what a hardworking leader she was.

(Pictured Lauren Brands (left) and Lauren Campisi (right))

Beta Xi Chapter (Auburn University) sees lifetime commitment in its alumnae

Alumnae in the Auburn, Alabama area hosted a tea for 80 new members of the Beta Xi Chapter at Auburn University.

"Our alumnae demonstrate that Delta Zeta truly is a lifetime commitment," said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian. "It was a great experience watching the new members interact with our alumnae. We were also honored to have two Past National Presidents attend the tea: Sandra McAlister Fisher and Deborah "Raz" Raziano. We were thrilled to have them speak to our new members about their love for Delta Zeta and the impact they have made for Delta Zeta after their college years. We look forward to connecting more with of our alumnae in the future!"

Beta Xi Chapter competes in Auburn University's Greek Sing and finds closer bonds of sisterhood

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, the Beta Xi Chapter at Auburn University competed in Greek Sing, a dance competiton that the 18 sororities at Auburn compete in each year. Monies raised go to Habitat for Humanity.

This year, Beta Xi's theme was ?ppZ and the dancers performed to songs that had to do with different apps on the iPhone. "Our members performed a phenomenal dance and the crowd absolutely loved it," said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian. "Most of the women who compete in Greek Sing start in their freshman year and do it every year until they graduate. This year, our Greek Sing director was Sydney Branson and assistant director was Christina Camp."

When asked about her experience in Greek Sing over the years Sydney said, “My three years of Greek Sing have been, by far, the highlight of my Panhellenic involvement at Auburn. As a dancer my entire life, I thought my performance days were over when I got to college, but it's been nice getting to do what I love with groups of women who have become my best friends. This year's Greek Sing has definitely been my favorite because I got to put so much time, love, and support into this team. But Greek Sing is much more than just another excuse to hang out with the best sisters -- it's the largest philanthropy event Panhellenic puts on each year and it's always received with the highest regards. It's been an honor to be a part of something so meaningful and I'm so glad that Delta Zeta puts so much emphasis on this event!”

Christina said, “Greek Sing is an opportunity for younger college women to meet members who have been in the chapter in the chapter longer. Practices the past three years are where I have found some of my closest friends, who are people I might not have gotten to know otherwise. Like any team, there are times where you get frustrated with each other, but working through those frustrations help us to grow as people and as a chapter. I would not have traded these last three years for anything! I love it!”

"We are so thankful for Sydney and the assistant director, Christina Camp, for creating a flawless routine and leading our women in such a great performance!" Grace concluded.

Beta Xi Chapter wins Auburn University's campus rec Pump Up Your Heart contest for third consecutive year

For the past three years, Auburn University's Campus Recreation's contest Pump Up Your Heart encourages sorority members to attend different group fitness classes. and the sorority who attends the most classes wins. The winning sorority gets to use a fitness classroom to practice for Aubrun's big Panhellenic event Greek Sing.

This year, the Beta Xi Chapter won the Pump Up Your Heart competition for third consecutive year. "We are so proud of our chapter's determination to participate in Panhellenic events," said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian. "We look forward to participating again next year!"

Alumna Dr. Elizabeth Horton Mueller is honored by the Beta Xi Chapter (Auburn University) for her dedication and giving spirit

Dr. Elizabeth Horton Mueller, Auburn - Beta Xi, (second from left) who served the Beta Xi Chapter at Auburn University for as College Chapter Director (CCD) for 12 years, is retiring from Auburn University as the Academic Support Director this semester.

On February 19, 2017, the Beta Xi Chapter honored her service. "She has impacted more than 1,000 women’s lives through her work with Delta Zeta at Auburn University," Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian. "People describe her as 'the best friend someone can have.'"

To honor all that she has done for the Beta Xi Chapter, alumnae donated $1,000, which the chapter will match to total $2,000, for a National Convention Alumna Sponsorship Fund in honor of Dr. Mueller. In addition, the chapter donated $500 worth of supplies to the Lee County Humane Society, its local philanthropy, where Dr. Mueller is the President of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Mueller will be staying on as a past CCD and on the Advisory Board. She is also an Academic Specialist working with two chapters across the country to implement successful academic programming.

"She truly has impacted this chapter for the better," said Grace. "We will miss her not being on campus anymore, but are so glad that she will still be around to help us when needed!"

Beta Xi Chapter raises more than $15,000 in Auburn University's Dance Marathon for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, the Beta Xi Chapter participated in Auburn University’s Dance Marathon. This organization raises money throughout the year through donations and at the main event, which is a 14-hour dance marathon to celebrate the amount of money raised and honor the patients at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

All of the money raised at Auburn goes to Children’s Hospital at Midtown Medical Center of Columbus Regional Health. This year, Auburn had a goal of $500,000, and exceeded that goal by raising $541,832! "Our Delta Zeta team had a goal of $12,500 and raised $15,771!" said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian. "We are so proud of all our members for their hard work.

"Not only did our members devote their time by asking for donations," Grace continued, "we also have nine women who held officer positions within Dance Marathon:
-Alyssa Lockwood - Director of Hospital Relations
-Reign Parker - Director of Media
-Sydney O'Brien - Sponsorships Committee
-Kirby Wallace - Assistant Director of Campaigns
-Lauren Henson - Assistant Director of Greek Life for Dancer     Relations Committee
-Kayla Water and Miranda-Grace Mardenborough - Morale Captain
-Elizabeth Jones - Delta Zeta's Team Captain
-Caroline Conerly - Dancer Relations Committee Member

"We are so honored to have these ladies represent Delta Zeta in their positions!"

Betty Grimes Williams recalls founding of Beta Xi Chapter at Auburn University

Elizabeth Grimes Williams was a charter member of the Beta Xi Chapter, founded in 1940.

The Executive Board and Grace Latimer, Historian, of the Beta Xi had an amazing opportunity to interview Betty Grimes Williams, a founding member of the Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Zeta at Auburn University. The chapter was founded in 1940.

Betty's family has many Delta Zeta members. She served as Treasurer and President during her collegiate years in Beta Xi.

Betty as a collegiate member of Beta Xi in the 1940s.

"She told us stories of what sorority life was like in the 1940s," said Grace. "With World War II, there were very few men attending  the university. Coming out of the Great Depression, when there had been a downturn in Greek life, the university believed that Auburn needed more sororities as more women were enrolling in the school.

"One of Ms. Williams' mother's friends was the only alumna in Auburn and was asked to help start a Delta Zeta chapter at Auburn. She then asked Ms. Williams' mother, who was a Delta Zeta, too, to become a charter member to help the chapter get started at Auburn. So that is how Delta Zeta began its path to being installed at Auburn. [Ed. Note: Mrs. J. C. Grimes is listed as a charter alumna member in the 1940 LAMP issue that chronicled the chapter's installation. Her name was Charlotte Busey Grimes.]

"The one piece of advice Betty said was so important was 'to make friends in Delta Zeta and stay connected to them no mater where life takes you.' In her nineties, she still talks on the phone with longtime Delta Zeta sisters, and she is so appreciative of those friendships. She could not tell us enough how wonderful the friendships she made in the sorority are and how thankful she is for Delta Zeta.

"Talking to Ms. Williams is an experience all of us will never forget. She is a true example of how a being in a sorority is not just for four years, but for a lifetime," Grace concluded.

Hayden Johns, Beta Xi Chapter collegiate member, sings National Anthem at Auburn University basketball game

Hayden Johns, a freshman in the Beta Xi Chapter at Auburn University, sang the National Anthem before the Auburn Women's basketball team played against Tennessee on January 19, 2017.

Her beautiful voice was heard by a large crowd who gathered in support of "We Back Pat" week, which supports Alzheimer's research and the Pat Summitt Foundation. Auburn won with a score of 79-61, with a victory over Tennessee for the first time since 2009.

Hayden is a member of AU Singers, a prestigious club at Auburn consisting of 36 vocalists and 10 instrumentalists. She also sings at her church on Sundays. "We are so thankful to have such a sweet and talented woman in our chapter!" said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor.

Four Beta Xi Chapter members chosen to be on Auburn University 2017 Panhellenic Cabinet

The Beta Xi Chapter announces that four members will be serving on the 2017 Panhellenic Cabinet at Auburn University this coming year.

Lauren Brands serve as Director of Junior Panhellenic, Kelsey Bixler as Director of Scholarship, Hannah Gornto as Director of Recruitment Media, and Lauren Campisi as Director of Greek Sing."We are so excited to see what our sisters will accomplish in their leadership positions!" said Grace Latimer, LAMP Editor and Historian.

Beta Xi Chapter donates to Beat Bama Food Drive at Auburn University

The Auburn University and University of Alabama rivalry heated up, not only in college football, but in helping those in need. Beat Bama Food Drive, a student-run non-profit organization, took the rivalry farther, collecting canned goods for those in need in Alabama. Auburn's campus had a Greek competition, and the Beta Xi Chapter on that campus included collegiate and alumnae members who donated over 100 items of canned food.