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Delta Phi was founded on August 21, 1956 at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK. We've been around 61 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 11. We currently have a total of 94 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.41! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $485.00!

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Erielle Buckmaster Stout, Northeastern State - Delta Phi, named Northeastern Health System 2017 Department Director of the Year

NHS Director of Patient and Public Relations, Erielle Stout, was recently awarded the 2017 Department Director of the Year award by Hospital Administrator and Executive VP, Jim Berry.

TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA – Northeastern Health System recently named Director of Patient and Public Relations, Erielle Stout, as the 2017 Department Director of the Year. Erielle was chosen from among more than 50 qualified directors for her strong work ethic and commitment to the health system, as well as for the results of her work.

“Erielle always exemplifies leadership and commitment,” said Executive Vice President and Hospital Administrator, Jim Berry. “She doesn’t look to the left or right to see who is with her. She decides that she is all in and welcomes those who want to work on that task with her. If she’s the only one then she is ok doing it on her own.”

One of Erielle’s job responsibilities is improving the patient satisfaction, or HCAHPS, scores. Through her work with patients, their family members, and the staff, HCAHPS overall scores at NHS improved by almost 20 percent in the past year and a half.

“We believe this increase is a direct result of the changes we made by creating a Public Relations and Patient Satisfaction position, filled by Erielle,” said Berry. “She works closely with all departments throughout the hospital to make sure we are exceeding patient expectations at all times. She makes daily customer service rounds to speak with patients, their family members and staff, in an effort to manage the expectation of care for patients and talking up the various departments reflected on the survey.”

Erielle began her career with NHS, then known as Tahlequah City Hospital, in 2012. She served as a nurse aide on the Medical/Surgical Unit before moving to the clerk position on the same unit. She was then “I feel so honored to be named the director of the year,” said Erielle. “I have had the privilege of wearing multiple hats at Northeastern Health System and have always looked up to the leadership of the facility. To think that I am considered to be one of them now, and get this award, is the highest compliment from my peers and administration.”

Erielle has served in her current role for only two years, but they have been a very busy two years. In addition to raising the HCHAPS scores, she has successfully implemented the re-branding process of the hospital from Tahlequah City Hospital to Northeastern Health System. She created a social media presence for NHS including the growth of the Facebook page from 17 page followers to more than 7,100 page followers in less than a year and a half. She assisted with the production of commercials that had the opportunity to run during the Olympics, and initiated geo-fencing and re-targeting with YP and Google, allowing online viewers to turn into actual patients (over 1 million impressions a month).

Erielle also plans and organizes the Health System’s annual Hearts of Gold Gala, which raises more than $1.2 million to go towards student scholarships.

“It still feels like I need to pinch myself every now and then due to the fact that I get paid to do what I love to do,” said Stout. “We have the best of the best working at NHS and it is an honor to call them my work family.”

Erielle became a member of the Delta Phi Chapter of Delta Zeta as a collegian at Northeastern State University. She served on the Panhellenic Council, Homecoming Committee, Big Event Committee, Community Service, Canned Food Drive, Small Event, MLK Day of Service and 9/11 Day of Service.

Kate Kent, Delta Phi Green Chairman, works for the future of the environment

Kate and the Delta Phi Chapter participate in a clean-up event on Northeastern State's campus.

Kate Kent is taking her responsibility as a member of Delta Zeta to a global level as she works to better our environment. She has served as the Green Chairman of the Delta Phi Chapter at Northeastern State University. Kate and her chapter's efforts were recently recognized in The Northeastern student newspaper in the article "NSU moves toward a greener campus."

"Being a member of Delta Zeta pushes me to not only want better for myself, but also for our world," Kate said, "which has sparked my concern for the environment. For the past four years, I have worked outdoors as a ropes course facilitator, so picking up trash and recycling has always been a natural habit. However, before Delta Zeta I would’ve never been in the position to influence others to 'go green.'"

Pink Goes Green is Delta Zeta's own environmental movement which works at the grassroots level to improve the environment, educate the public on what they can do and help them do it, and empower those we impact with the knowledge that just one person can make a difference to protect the environment and enrich our planet.

Kate has created fun stickers and designs to encourage others to recycle and go green.

Kate believes her commitment to the environment makes a difference. Why? "Because I have the ability to make a small step toward a bigger goal," she said. "Over the year spent as Green Chairman of the chapter, I was able to really see how big a small step could be. I started by challenging myself and the rest of my sisters to contribute water bottles to our recycling bins located in our chapter room. Then, I noticed I was picking up trash on the ground. I began to refill water bottles instead of purchasing new ones, and the process kept trickling forward. It started with one thing and led to another, and that’s really what it’s all about!

"There is so much importance in spreading the word as to why we should take care of Earth. The more people that join in, the bigger the impact. Just imagine not being able to see a beautiful natural landscape, or never being able to enjoy a hike through a clean countryside. I want our future generations to be able to cherish this land as much as I have, and as a Delta Zeta woman bettering the future for myself and others, this is something I am proud to strive to do every day."

Kate encourages other groups on campus to be involved in environmental projects. Here, Pi Kappa Alpha helps with a highway clean-up project.

Kate admits that learning about stewardship of the Earth was something she was not at all familiar with, and now it has become a very important part of her life. "When I became our chapter's Green Chairman, it was a very new position, and within this past year, we hit the ground running. We donated plants, held a sisterhood in honor of recycling, we had monthly Pink Goes Green challenges, and continue to take our recycling bins to our local recycling station.

"My goal for this chairmanship is that it continues to grow and becomes an even bigger position as the years go on. As for my future career goals, I plan on becoming a personal financial advisor. Delta Zeta has surrounded me with inspiring women who inspire me to be the very best version of myself. I read a quote that stated 'behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back,' and that’s what Delta Zeta has been for me."

The Delta Phi Chapter is a great inspiration to Kate. "My sisters always keep me accountable, and that motivates me to always be my best," she said. "Whenever you have women that mean so much to you who want you to be successful, it inspires you to make them proud. As for the Green Chairman posiiton, whenever I am seen with plastic, I will have some sisters joke with me and say, “Come on now, Green Chair.” Even if they don’t realize it, it makes me re-evaluate my choices. To say the least, my sisters inspire me just by being themselves."