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Delta Upsilon was founded on September 9, 1956 at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. We've been around 63 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 4. We currently have a total of 45 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.29! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $220.00!

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The Girl Giving Back

"Have courage and be kind...Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic." This is a quote from the newest Cinderella movie, and our Community Service chair's, Olivia Bias, favorite quote. While she likes it because it is a quote she hopes to live up too, we at the Delta Upsilon chapter know that she is living up to its essential meaning.

Olivia has gone above and beyond for her chapter making sure we have the most active section for community service on campus. Her minimum amount of events for the semester is 14, but she tries her best with time allowing to fit in even more. She has strived to have activities that help all local communities, nonprofits, and organizations. She also works with all the girls' schedules to make sure there are events that everyone can attend.

Some events that bias is very proud to have helped with or planned are Rent-a-Kitty, Night to Shine, working with The Boys and Girls' club and the Children's Home Society. All of these events either raised money or we directly volunteered with. These are some of Olivia's favorites, but not close to the number of events she plans. Olivia's all-time favorite event was raising money and making blankets with the children at the Children's Home Society. To prepare for this event, she held two bake sales and raised over $300. Then she and some of the girls went and picked out various blanket materials, which they took to the Society, and the girls helped the children make their very own blanket.

Community service can be a tough chair to have because there are so many different things to plan and think about. Olivia works very hard to make sure we work with all the organizations and nonprofits. She also plans ways for us to give back to the city of Huntington directly. Just recently, she prepared a clean-up of Ritter Park. While it is hard to plan around the organizations as well as our girls' schedules, she says it is the most rewarding chair in her opinion. She is extremely grateful to have been given the chair as community service is significant to her heart. She says, "it is not what you give to the organization, but what they do with it or give back to you, that is the most rewarding. Seeing a child smile or thankful worker from our efforts at Delta Zeta is the most amazing feeling."

Olivia truly has made the Delta Upsilon chapter of Delta Zeta better women through her efforts. We are most connected to our community and are all gracious givers because of her efforts. Her sights are set spending a group of girls and funds to one of our philanthropies, the Painted Turtle camp. Olivia is truly spreading kindness with everything she does, which means our chapter is spreading kindness. This spreads well throughout the chapter and the community, and when it all comes together, it is truly magical. All of this magic beginning from the efforts of one woman, Olivia Bias. She is tru?ly a girl giving back and we are lucky to have her at the Delta Upsilon chapter.

Delta Upsilon - Marshall brings home the Award for Overall Greek Week Champions

The Delta Upsilon Chapter at Marshall University recently received the Award for Overall Greek Week Champions. The competition included three individual category awards which were philanthropy, athletics and Greek sing. For the philanthropy event, all campus chapters competed in building care packages and collecting cans for the Harmony House and making blankets for Lily's Place. The chapter alone collected 1,396 cans, put together 240 care packages and made 15 blankets.

Delta Upsilon Chapter (Marshall University) raises $1,200 for Heart for Hearing

The Delta Upsilon Chapter at Marshall University recently hosted its Heart for Hearing event, a slow-pitch softball tournament called “DingerZ for DZ.”

"We raised $1,200 for Starkey on October 15, 2017," said Rachel McGuffey, Public Relations Chairman and LAMP Editor.

Tara Foster of Delta Upsilon at Marshall University does not give up dream of being a flight nurse

Tara Foster, the Wellness Chairman of the Delta Upsilon Chapter at Marshall University, was planning to help people. She was going to do that by being an active firefighter and EMT, as a lifeguard at Myrtle Beach as part of thei emergency response team there, and by joining the National Guard to become a flight nurse.

However, none of those things happened for Tara in that order after she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) playing for Delta Zeta in the Greek Week flag football tournament. The only thing that stopped Tara from continuing to play was the fact that her knee would no longer hold her weight. The Army is still honoring her six-year enlistment, but she was not able to officially ship out for basic training until her knee healed completely.

Tara stayed positive, though, saying "This injury will help me be a better nurse." She continued her nursing degree and continued to focus on fixing her knee and her dream of being a flight nurse.

Delta Upsilon Chapter (Marshall University) support Starkey Hearking Foundation with Spike for a Cause
May 16, 2016

by Sara McMahan

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The Delta Upsilon Chapter partnered with Alpha Sigma Phi at Marshall University for the fourth annual Spike for a Cause volleyball tournament. Teams enjoyed a fun day filled with bumps, sets and spikes. The event grows larger every year. The proceeds were split between two philanthropies, Relay for Life and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.