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Epsilon Epsilon was founded on August 23, 1956 at California State University/Fresno in Fresno, CA. We've been around 63 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 10. We currently have a total of 55 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 2.64! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 820 service hours and $2715.57!

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Beautiful moments of DZ

Naturally, it is hard to choose from...especially for just one person who did something amazing in our chapter. Everyone does amazing by contributing their times with DZ sisters which form such exquisite bonds. Like Disneyland, we thrive not to conceal ourselves by getting to know one another including myself. Especially because I am Deaf but that doesn't stop me from getting to know my sisters surrounding me. Ultimately, these girls have given so much in the community and represent the best they could. Girl Scouts seeking for help unloading cookies boxes without help, we make time. We bought their cookies as well to show our support. Over time, our bonds became impossible to be broken. Delta Zeta Sisters who share the same importance as you without judgment as well as detecting an incredible amount of relationship with our sisters.

Which events is the most memorable?
Recruitment!!! Definitely recruitment! Being surrounded by your sisters makes everything exciting. What's even more exciting is that not only bringing in our newest sister in our chapters but to get acquainted and love. That is an most exciting part isn't it? It surely became our best moments to be kept when you remember the day you got the invitation from the chapters you’ve been wanted to be part of.

Which part of DZ moments you awe?
Before getting out all the details, I was the only Deaf person in the chapters. It was all started with DZ Hop (Starkey Hearing Foundation). There was some sisters came up to me asking, ”How do you sign exciting?” And I showed them. Throughout the conversation with them, we chatted the whole day with no language barrier but to help each other by signs in basic ASL, alphabet. This right second, words cannot describe exactly how I feel about my sisters. As a Deaf person, I’ve never thought they would come up to me and get to know me and beg to teach them ASL. Not only they wanted to learn but to feel included. ASL is a beautiful, unique language in the D/deaf community.

What makes DZ unique?
Diversity. We may have a variety of unique background ethically but that doesn't make any of us differently. Thus, the love we contribute to the community, our philanthropy: Starkey Hearing Foundation, and our DZ always gonna remains the same. Every day we continue to give, embrace, and love our chapters.

At the end of every year, there are going to be tons of thing that we going to look back on and cherish forever. It is something to remember is that we mold our DZ chapters into the best they can be.

A true DZ means you can never turn back your sisters nor neglect the love they have for each other. Being acceptance by one another is an amazing feeling, having support from sister is the best feeling ever, they’re like your second family...a home to go to.

Alexandra Gallo, Epsilon Epsilon, graduates from California State/Fresno a Dean's Medalist and on the Congressional Record

"No matter where life takes me, I know I will always have this strong, steadfast sisterhood."

Alexandra Gallo, now a new alumna member of the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, just graduated from California State University/Fresno, but with a very special distinction. Alex was honored with a Congressional Resolution by Congressman Jim Costa [CA-16], for whom she had interned in his Fresno, California office while an undergraduate at California State.

Alex (far right) with Congressman Jim Costa (far left) of California's 16th District, another intern, and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

On May 19, 2017, Congressman Costa stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representative in Washington, D.C. to praise Alex for her academic excellence (she completed her bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Communication with a 3.81 GPA) and community service (Alex volunteers 200 hours each year). In addition, he spoke about her outstanding work in his office, her devotion to school and country, and the bright future ahead for her. His words, as a matter of Congressional Record, were documented and presented to Alex prior to her graduation.

"There is no way I would be able to accomplish all of the things I have if it weren't for the support system I've built within this sisterhood called Delta Zeta," she said. "During my time in the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, I have always tried to serve as a resource for sisters in helping them exercise their passions. This has helped me realize that I want to serve as a liaison and help people for the rest of my life."

Alex received another special recognition on graduation day. "I was one of nine undergraduates at my university to be awarded as a Dean's Medalist," Alex said, "representing my college at graduation. I was the Dean's Medalist for the College of Social Sciences. On the day of graduation, the President of California State University/Fresno announced the winner of the President's Medalist, who is selected among one of the nine Dean's Medalists. I was awarded the President's Medal. It is the highest honor an undergraduate can earn." Read more about Alex and this honor here.

Inspired by Delta Zeta, Alex has learned she can do so much more.
"Delta Zeta has greatly influenced the person I am today," she said. "I initially joined Delta Zeta because I was passionate about service and philanthropic work. I have grown immensely simply by being surrounded with women who have similar passions and strive to better the community around them."

Alex has received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her tireless volunteer work, and has given to organizations such as the Every Neighborhood Partnership and the Ronald McDonald House. She also planned a camp for children with parents battling cancer.

She shared a special moment in her Delta Zeta experience that has truly made a difference in her life.

"A turning point for me was getting my little, and then further expanding my family within this sisterhood. During my whole college career I have held internships, jobs and leadership positions on campus including serving in student government. But seeing my little enter this sisterhood and have enthusiasm for everything reminded me how much this sisterhood can do for you, and even inspired me to take on more leadership positions within the chapter. I finished my last year in Delta Zeta as Vice President of Programs and as stressful as planning formal and the first ever Sisterhood, Support, and Safety program was, I learned so much about my leadership style and what it means to work in a team.

"Now, as a Big to two littles and a grandbig to one grandlittle, I have truly learned the importance of mentorship. I strive every day to live by our Creed, and I strive to be the best I can be for my Greek family and for my chapter as a whole. No matter where life takes me, I know I will always have this strong, steadfast sisterhood."

After graduation, Alex is moving to Washington, D.C. to continue her internship in Congressman Jim Costa's office. "After I complete my internship," she said, "I will pursue another internship in China as an ambassador for Fresno State. I have applied to some graduate school programs, but I also plan to go to law school and study election law." Alex is a recipient of the Fresno Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship

She continues, "My dream is to work for the Fair Political Practices Commission to ensure that elections are fair, and eventually return to the university system as a governmental relations position."

With Alex's enthusiasm, determination, and leadership, there is no doubt she will fulfill her dream to serve and lead with integrity.

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter (California State University/Fresno) raises more than $10,000 for national and local philanthropies

The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter organized a successful Italian Dinner Fundraiser and an 11-team flag football tournament, raising a total of $10,046! Seventy percent of the proceeds were donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, 15 percent went to the Delta Zeta Foundation, and the remaining 15 percent was donated to the chapter's local organizations, Norseman Elementary School and The Fresno Deaf Church.

The Norseman Elementary School is a school for deaf or hard-of-hearing children in the Fresno area.

The Fresno Deaf Church is a church with an open sermon designed to enhance the worship and learning experience of deaf individuals.

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter raises $4,652 at California State University/Fresno with Hike for Hearing

The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter brought the Greek community together on the California State University/Fresno campus with its Hike for Hearing event, raised a total of $4,652, with $3,500 donted to the Silent Garden, and the remaining $1,152 going to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The chapter supports the Silent Garden, founded in 2008, a bold and unique program in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies (within the College of Health and Human Services) at the university that provides educational programs, workshops and resources to the D/deaf and hard of hearing community in the Central California region.

Epsilon Epsilon members are especially rewarded to be a part of helping families in the surrounding Fresno area communicate with their children who have hearing challenges, and to educate the parents about raising and supporting their children with these special needs.

"It is truly amazing to support a local organization like Silent Garden, knowing that it benefits families and children in our own community," said Haylee D'Alessandro, LAMP Editor. "Services and resources for this organization are limited, and so we are pleased to support and donate to such a wonderful charity."

Alumnae are invited to Epsilon Epsilon game night at California State University/Fresno on April 2
All Delta Zeta alumnae are invited to the Delta Zeta house at California State University/Fresno to join the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter for game night on April 2, 2016 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. Please RSVP dzalumniee@gmail.com.
Epsilon Epsilon Chapter (California State University/Fresno) raises $15,000 for speech and hearing and The Painted Turtle camp
March 16, 2016

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter raised an amazing $10,000 for its local philanthropy, Norseman Elementary School in the Fresno area. The school's students are children who are either deaf or have other hearing challenges.

The chapter's philanthropy event, DZ Rose Bowl, which includes an Italian dinner for the Greek and Fresno communities and a football tournament, raised $15,000, surpassing the chapter's goal of $10,000. The additional $5,000 was donated to The Painted Turtle camp.