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Epsilon Kappa was founded on September 16, 1956 at University of Wisconsin/Whitewater in Whitewater, WI. We've been around 62 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 8. We currently have a total of 73 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.25! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 1662 service hours and $855.00!

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Epsilon Kappa Volunteers

This past summer, several of our sisters travelled to the Painted Turtle Camp to volunteer. These members included Liz Skaife, Rachel Hucker, and Tami Williams. They were able to create some amazing memories and make a difference for hundreds of children. While Liz and Rachel each spend one week at the camp, Tami was fortunate enough to spend the entirety of her summer as a full-time counselor at the camp. During her time, she was able to experience some pretty incredible things and reflect back on Delta Zeta as a whole. She says, “It was the most amazing experience and I gained so much knowledge and appreciate for the life my body allows me to live. I brought home a newfound appreciation for my heath, as well as my sisters. The children I worked with found their forever friends at camp; to me, that mirrors my experience within Delta Zeta perfectly. I have noticed a stronger appreciation for our philanthropies from our entire chapter. I think Epsilon Kappa as a whole has reminded me that what we’re doing matters.”

Currently, we are planning for our large philanthropy events. Our new Vice President of Philanthropy, Heather Lemke, is doing a fantastic job bringing new ideas to the table. We are planning a Quarter Mile that we are currently fundraising for in our University Center every day and we will be having a Dance-athon in December! We are collecting donations in the form of quarters (but also accepting all other forms) and we will be donating all of those proceeds to our local philanthropies POTS and Women’s cancer. Our Dance-athon will be a competition to see who can dance the longest and potentially win prizes! All of the proceeds from this event will go towards Speech and Hearing.

Epsilon Kappa consists of an amazing group of women who all have something in common: their love for Delta Zeta. While there are 170 Delta Zeta chapters in the US and Canada, it in no way measures up the amount of personality and character we have in our chapter. Our actives are able to create real, genuine relationships with one another despite our flaws and differences. Our unique group of women bring something truly special to UW-Whitewater’s Greek community, and it is reflected on how our women present themselves throughout campus. While our sisterhood may have the same name at over 100 other schools, Epsilon Kappa is something that is truly special.

Our chapter truly exemplifies being “Truly DZ” is several aspects. We believe in supporting and being truly accepting and loving towards our sisters and all others. We define being “Truly DZ” through following our five pillars which we believe makes us better and stronger individuals. For example, we currently have the highest Greek GPA on our campus, which shows just how much we value our pillar of Scholarship. We do our best to live by these pillars, just as we do our creeds, making us Truly DZ.

1. Our new members (Fall 2018) pictured on Bid Day. Our theme was "Camp DZ".
2. Our Vice President of New Member Education, Sabrina Lloyd (left) and our President, Nicole Petersen (right) before our Ice Cream Social Recruitment event.
3. Our sister, Tami Williams, during her time at the Painted Turtle Camp this summer.

Epsilon Kappa Chapter has highest cumulative GPA and takes active part in Univ. of Wisconsin/Whitewater's 2017 Leadership Conference

In January, more than 75 percent of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater attended the university's 2017 Leadership Conference, Breaking Boundaries. At this conference, students participated in breakout sessions on the topics of Diversity, Inclusion, Career Readiness and Leadership Skills.

Epsilon Kappa’s cumulative GPA is 3.20, the highest on campus. Forty-three members were named to the Dean’s list, and three of those women had a 4.0 GPA.

On April 7, 2016 the chapter hosts its annual Hoops for Hearing event, a 5-on-5 basketball tournament to raise money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Epsilon Kappa Chapter celebrates 60 years on the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater campus

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter was thrilled to have three members volunteer at The Painted Turtle camp in the summer of 2016: Abigayle Freidig, Sarah Kveton and Annie Siesennop. The women said that seeing the children participate in the fun-filled activities and their subsequent joy was inspiring and impactful.

Epsilon Kappa celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Alumnae visited and discusses the chapter's past, present, and future with the collegiate members. The chapter displayed tables with information about sisterhood, retention, recruitment, campus involvement, socials and more at the event.These topics were discussed, and later, the collegians took part in valuable  networking sessions and received career advice.

"All of us had the pleasure of watching three alumnae who were recognized for 50 years of membership with the Order of the Golden Rose ceremony," said member Ciera  Samolinski.

A Heart for Hearing event gave alumnae the opportunity to walk across campus and see what the university looks like today. "Finally, we finished off the day at our beautiful home with house tours, cake and many memories. It was amazing seeing the past and present in one place" Ciera concluded.

Epsilon Kappa Chapter wins first place in spirit rally for Homecoming Week at University of Wisconsin/Whitewater

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter at the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater won first place for the spirit rally in the Greek Category for Homecoming Week. The chapter members are working hard to win first place for Homecoming overall as well. You can view their video here.

Two Epsilon Kappa members made the top ten for Homecoming Court: Brittany Moore and Kaylyn Larson.

Epsilon Kappa Chapter receives Chancellor's Achievement Award from Univ. of Wisc./Whitewater

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter received the Chancellor’s Achievement Award at the 2016 Campus Awards Banquet. The Chancellor’s Achievement Award recognizes an organization that has gone above and beyond the normal level of involvement, service and represents the best of what the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater exemplifies.

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter learns how to excel in life at University of Wisconsin/Whitewater

Epsilon Kappa Chapter participated in a learning event with the Whitewater Fire Department, which educated members on how to properly extinguish a fire, as well as how to change a tire and to do basic maintenance on their vehicles. The members were grateful for the opportunity to learn these valuable safety and practical tips.

"We also had a fantastic chapter retreat where we learned sign language," said Kaytlyn Larson, Vice President of Programs and Treasurer.