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Epsilon Zeta was founded on September 9, 1956 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. We've been around 63 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 2. We currently have a total of 78 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.5! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 25 service hours and $155.00!

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Emma Zdgiebloski, Epsilon Zeta collegian (Drexel Univ.), demonstrates learning as part of her global citizenship

"With a support network like I have in Delta Zeta, you start to wonder what you can't achieve."

Collegian Emma Zdgiebloski's world has opened in ways she could never have imagined when she came to Drexel University -- literally and figuratively.

Emma is a member of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter, and is dedicated to learning. A STAR Scholar, she became part of Drexel's competitive program which provides an opportunity for freshmen to explore a discipline through a paid research assistant position when she first came to the university.

Today, the pre-junior business analytics and management information systems major says, "Delta Zeta has given me a lot of confidence and an incredible support system. When I presented my research for the first time in the summer of 2015, I really didn't expect anyone to show up. I didn't think research was that interesting to people. But I had four sisters who came to see my research. They were active and engaged in my presentation. They knew how hard I had worked and were so genuinely proud of me.

"Before that, I had never had friends seem so genuinely supportive of my academic work. It marked a real shift in how I felt about what I could accomplish and how the people around me would react. This has continued throughout my tenure in Delta Zeta. I have sisters show up to all the weird things I do. I competed in a community-wide powerlifting meet, and I had sisters there cheering me on for that, too!"

Emma was about to make another exciting achievement. She was selected to present her research on information security at the inaugural World Congress of International Research in Doha, Qatar in November of 2016. She was among 160 international students who traveled to Qatar University.

"Zdgiebloski's research looked at college students' knowledge and implementation of best practices to keep their electronic information secure," the LeBow College of Business said of her work. "She found that college students know quite a bit about how to protect their personal information online but do not actively implement those practices.

"The World Congress was organized by the Council on Undergraduate Research to 'bring together the best undergraduate research in the world to focus our collective minds on some of the most significant challenges facing the global community today.' Research topics ranged from biomedical engineering to sociology." (LeBow College of Business - Drexel University)

Emma has presented her research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Ashville, N.C. She plans to find a career in data analytics or IT.

"It doesn't seem to matter what I do -- whether it's a job interview or a school project or a fundraiser, my sisters are there to lend a helping hand, or just cheer really loudly. With a support network like I have, you start to wonder what you can't achieve."

Emma noted with great interest that women in the Middle East were pursuing careers in the STEM fields, too. While she had that in common with them, she also wanted to share her Delta Zeta experience.

"In Qatar I remember trying to explain a sorority to female students who had never heard of them," Emma said. "It seemed too simple as to explain it as a group of friends, but I really didn't know how to boil down the complexities of the relationships I have with my sisters into a concise format. So, I said it was a group of young women who empower each other in everything we do, whether it be academics or sports or makeup or whatever each of us do. Being a Delta Zeta is always feeling empowered to be exactly who you are. Learning how to talk to women during recruitment really translated well into networking with people in the academic and business worlds. I am more confident in myself and my abilities because of Delta Zeta."

Epsilon Zeta Chapter makes a successful Splash for Starkey at Drexel University

The Epsilon Zeta Chapter at Drexel University hosted its second annual Splash for Starkey event. A carnival-themed aquatic challenge to raise money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Epsilon Zeta was thrilled to have 15 other Greek organizations and many more non-Greek organizations participate. The chapter has raised a total of $13,633 for Starkey, with $2,445 for this school year alone.

Mary Dahlberg Williams, Epsilon Zeta - Drexel, releases new novel, Nailbiters

Mary Kate Dahlberg Williams, Drexel - Epsilon Zeta, writes under the name MK Williams and is an Indiana-born, Philadelphia-raised, Florida-transplant working and living beneath the sunny, and often rainy, skies of Tampa. As a writer, she has penned three novels; the first to be published is Nailbiters, as well as many short stories.

Mary Kate’s writing influences include a lifetime of watching suspenseful mysteries and action movies and reading Stephen King, Ian McEwan and J.K. Rowling. For more information on the premiere novel, Nailbiters, and forthcoming novels and collections, please visit https://nailbitersnovel.com/.

Mary Kate discussed the influence Delta Zeta has had on her life and career. "Becoming a Delta Zeta empowered me to be more confident," she said. "Whether it was learning to speak up for myself, or achieving goals that I never thought imaginable, I can trace those roots back to my time as a collegiate member. It took a lot of confidence to go through the recruitment process as a potential new member, and getting to know all of my sisters helped to foster that confidence.

"In my professional life, confidence has been the number one reason for my success. Yes, I had the skills necessary, but many people have the same skills. The confidence to go after a certain promotion, or to push through an initiative, or to publish a book, has helped me the most."

Mary Kate believes that her writing helps to make a difference for others. "As a fiction author," she explained, "I find that writing has many ways of touching people. It can make them laugh after they've had a hard day, or help someone escape into the world of a character when their own lives are becoming a little too challenging. I believe that when someone reads a story that they truly connect with, it will stick with them much longer than a movie or a show or even a song. I hope that when people read my work, they feel compelled to root for the characters and in turn, root for themselves. I hope that they can see the challenges that the characters are facing and learn from it, or help gain some perspective on their own problems. If I can't make that profound of an impression, then I hope to at least make them smile or think."

For our members who are pursuing or considering a career as an author, Mary Kate has some great advice. "Don't spend too much time or effort worried about what others think. I was an Economics major in college and I'm mostly known for my math skills. For a while, I thought that I wasn't allowed to want to write, or that no one would even bother with my work because I wasn't a literature major. If you have a passion, pursue it. You only get one life to live. Don't wait until your retirement to do the thing that you want to do the most. Do it now!"

Colleen Keys, Epsilon Zeta Chapter President, is discovering her true life through Delta Zeta

Colleen Keys, President of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter at Drexel University, says Delta Zeta has inspired her to live truly and give graciously.

"Freshman year lacked a lot of things I was looking for in my college experience," Colleen said. "After joining the Epsilon Zeta  Chapter at Drexel University in the fall of my sophomore year, I knew I was on the right track. Recruitment was overwhelming, but when my recruitment counselor told me to choose the sorority where the women made me feel most at home, it was an easy decision.

"The women of Delta Zeta not only made me feel at home, but welcomed me and made me incredibly excited for the next four years. Delta Zeta helped me achieve personal goals, academic accomplishments and taught me what it truly means to give graciously."

Epsilon Zeta Chapter receives Greek awards at Drexel University

June 24, 2016

The Epsilon Zeta Chapter at Drexel University and its members have many received awards this year, including Sister of the Year, Athlete of the Year, Philanthropic Excellence and recognition for the Dean’s Cup.

Michelle Andronov won the Sister of the Year award for her leadership in planning the chapter's first Splash for Starkey event. At this event, groups raced relay-style in the pool on inflatable turtle rafts. The chapter also won the Philanthropic Excellence for this same event.

Kate Frank won Athlete of the Year, serving as Athletics Chairman when she led the chapter to winning the New Member Bowl, City 6 and PHC Powderpuff events.

Epsilon Zeta Chapter received recognition in Sisterhood, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service which are all required for consideration for the Dean’s Cup.