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Gamma Delta was founded on December 14, 1946 at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA. We've been around 72 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 2. We currently have a total of 145 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.45! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 35 service hours and $2235.10!

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Striving for Starkey

The Gamma Delta Chapter is proud to say we recently raised $5,552.10 from our annual Fall Festival at Harner Farms. The sisters ran fall themed games for the community of State College in honor of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. We were able to interact and play games with the community while raising money for a cause near and dear to our hearts. We are so thankful for our Vice President of Philanthropy, Jessica Lawson, for organizing the event and making it so successful. She put a lot of time and effort into the fundraiser and appreciate all her hard work and dedication to Delta Zeta.

The Blue Sapphire

It's no secret that the Delta Zeta Sorority is made up of incredible women. These women are the foundation to this amazing sorority and ensure to upkeep all values. One of our sisters, Gillian Brooks, is one of these women that never fails to be an incredible woman that we are proud to have in this sorority. Gillian found her niche in a unique and captivating way, baton twirling. She has competed in numerous baton competitions since a little girl and never stopped striving to be the best. Gillian was only a freshman when she was named the Blue Sapphire, an extremely high honor for baton throwers at the university. She continues to hold this legacy as she is still the Blue Sapphire as a sophomore. You can catch her on the Penn State Football field twirling her baton, doing flips and completing amazing tricks before every game and at half time. All of the other sisters are filled with excitement and go crazy as they get to see Gillian put on a mesmerizing show. Additionally, Gillian even won a handful of different awards for her fantastic work in baton twirling. We are so proud of Gillian for doing what she loves and doing it with such pride and determination. It goes to show that there truly are incredible women that make up this sorority who can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Gamma Delta Volunteers At The Painted Turtle Camp

During the last week of July, our Vice President of Membership, Jennifer Circello, had the honor of volunteering as a counselor for the Painted Turtle Camp in Lake Hughes, California. The Painted Turtle Camp is a non-profit summer camp that gives children with chronic illnesses/diseases the chance to come to camp, have fun and participate in activities they may usually be unable to do - including a ropes course, archery, fishing, silly olympics (aka throw paint and shaving cream at your counselor) and no hands spaghetti dinner! She stated, "I am incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing experience and been able to see the impact we can make. This truly was the best week of my life. It was unforgettable and I hope it won't be my only time in Lake Hughes." We are proud of Jen and all the young women in our sorority for consistently wanting to make a positive impact on other people's lives and being as involved as possible in Delta Zeta's philanthropies. Jennifer is also the first sister from our chapter to attend the Painted Turtle Camp. She plans on attending again next year and is hoping to bring more sisters along with her for this special event. "Everyone who worked there was so friendly, inclusive, and helpful from the second I stepped foot on the camp. Many other Delta Zeta’s (present and alumni) were also there when I was and it was so fun to meet sisters from around the country and come together to volunteer for one of our philanthropies. Lastly, seeing the smiles on the kids faces and physically seeing where all the fundraising and blankets go to was amazing. Every single one of my campers were so happy to see the blankets and turtle pillows and would tell me how they still have all of them," Jen exclaimed. She was very excited to see the blankets we make during the year were put to good use and loved. Her experience was truly one of a kind and hopes to spread her dedication and supportiveness with everyone around her.

Delta Zeta is Chapter of the Year at Penn State for 2018 Greek Column Awards!

On Monday, April 22, 2019 The Gamma Delta Chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority was honored at the Penn State Greek Column Awards for 2018 in several areas including:
Presidents Cup for Chapter of the Year
Excellence in Chapter Operations
Excellence in Community Relationships
Excellence in Membership Development
Excellence in Academic Achievement
Overall Standards Achievement
AND Courtney Rodrigues is the Sorority Woman of the Year!

Gamma Delta leadership pictured left to right: 2019 Historian & Chaplain: Emily Ciolko, College Chapter Director: Karyn Morrison, 2019 Vice President of New Member Education: Hope DeMutis, 2019 Academics Chairman: Jenna Silverblatt, 2017 Chapter President and 2018 Panhellenic President: Courtney Rodrigues, 2018 Chapter Risk Management Chairman and 2019 Panhellenic Vice President for Standards: Liz Magaha.

Intersecting Greek Cultures

On Wednesday, March 27, the Gamma Delta chapter of Delta Zeta had an amazing opportunity to co-host a special programming event called Intersecting Greek Cultures. This program focused on the divide that is between the different councils and what we can do to integrate. We were educated on their community as a multicultural council as well as us educating them about being in the Panhellenic community and in IFC. It gave us an opportunity to unite and brainstorm ideas on how we can accomplish things in Penn State together and have a better support system for each council. It was primarily discussion based and an open forum. Everyone was able to share their feelings about the communities and what changes they would like to see happen. It was extremely helpful for uniting us as one and opening our eyes to problems that we all share and face in each of our communities. We are striving to better the greek culture and this programming event was the first step to do so.

Gamma Delta Leaders at Penn State

Gamma Delta boasts a legacy of leadership on the Penn State campus and within our Panhellenic community. Courtney Rodrigues is currently serving the end of her term as the Panhellenic President. On November 12th, Elizabeth Magaha was elected Panhellenic Vice President for Standards and Annika Anthony was elected Panhellenic Vice President for Communications for 2019! We look forward to continue to lead our women in a positive direction at Penn State and live Delta Zeta's values.

Gamma Delta Summer and Fall 2018 Update



The Gamma Delta Chapter has been going through a few changes within the past couple of months. Recently, we received a new Fraternity partner for THON. Our new partner is Sigma Pi. Because of this change, we have received multiple new THON families. This summer, a couple of girls from the Gamma Delta Chapter met all of them and created a great bond with them already. I have attached a picture of them together at a fun barbecue on a lake. We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives. A lot of girls went canvassing for THON last weekend and they really enjoyed their time raising money for such a good cause. We also hosted a small alumni brunch in our Suite on the Delta Zeta floor this past weekend for homecoming. This was an awesome opportunity for our current collegiate members to meet some of our alumnae. Some even used this as a networking opportunity. The alumnae really enjoyed themselves and asked us a lot of questions about things that are currently happening in our chapter. I have attached a picture of some of the people who attended this brunch. This upcoming week we have our very own philanthropy event at our local pumpkin patch. We are hosting a Delta Zeta Fall Festival where we host games, have food for sale, a face painting booth, a pumpkin painting booth and many more. We are extremely excited for this weekend and to help raise money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. As well as our philanthropy, the pumpkin patch reached out to the Gamma Delta Chapter to help them host a haunted corn maze. There are many of us volunteering to scare people in the maze or to sell concessions outside of the maze. We did this last year and hope to have an even bigger turn out this year. So far this semester we have been up to a lot of exciting things and the Gamma Delta Chapter is looking forward to the rest of the semester and our upcoming events.

Spring Semester 2018

Spring was a very exciting and busy season for the Gamma Delta chapter. We worked really hard to donate as much as we could to the painted turtle camp. As a chapter, we crafted over 200 tie blankets together in just two days which we donated to the painted turtle camp. This was a great bonding experience with our sisters and it was for an amazing cause. We were extremely proud of the outcome of this event. Another event we hosted was paint night. We painted adorable pictures of turtles. This event was open to anybody who wanted to come and participate and donate to our philanthropy. Around 75 people came, it was successful and everyone who came had a lot of fun. We also hosted our first pasta dinner. All of the food was donated to us by grocery stores. Our sisters were the master chefs. This was another fun bonding event and nobody left with an empty stomach! This event was also open to anybody who wanted to come. There was music, food and sisters. We had so much fun with all of our events and are extremely proud of the outcomes we had.

Delta Zeta is Chapter of the Year at Penn State

On February 12, 2018 Penn State hosted the Greek Column Awards dinner at the Nittany Lion Inn. The Gamma Delta chapter shined bright that evening. Delta Zeta was recognized for "Standards Achievement" in 2017. Additionally, the chapter was recognized for "Excellence in Academic Achievement" and "Excellence in Membership Development" for 2017. The highlight of the evening was Delta Zeta being named "Chapter of the Year" for 2017 among all chapters in the four Greek councils on campus! Our 2017 President, Courtney Rodrigues, made it her goal to earn the President's Cup and met that goal being named "Chapter of the Year"!

Gamma Delta's Last Canning Weekend

At the Pennsylvania State University, we hold a personal philanthropy near and dear to our heart: THON. THON, formally known as Penn State Panhellenic and IFC Dance Marathon is a 46-hour no-sitting marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer with money going specifically towards the Hershey Medical center in Hershey, PA. The main form of raising money has been canning–where students stand on street corners asking for money in a can. This form of fundraising has become the biggest $1 bill fundraiser in the country.
After tragedy struck in 2015 with the death of a Panhellenic sister in a car accident on the way back from a canning weekend, it was decided that there would be no more canning weekends. This posed a problem, especially for our organization. The plan was to have canning phased out by 2017 and before we knew it, it was our last weekend to make as much money as we could before trying to find other successful alternative fundraisers.
The Gamma Delta women have gone above and beyond, showing more effort this year than most when it comes to raising money for this cause. Knowing that we have to find money elsewhere, all of the women in the chapter have taken it upon themselves to go out and find a way to raise this money.
One of our most popular alternative fundraisers is the partnership senior Jacqueline Browne made with "the Little Words Project." Perfect for a holiday gift or to spoil yourself, you can choose any saying, word, or phrase to be placed between beads of your choosing. It's not uncommon to see the women of the chapter wearing 3-5 bracelets at once.
We have also looked to willing alumnae who have found success and want to share it with their alma mater. Graduated Kait Yoniski has her own online boutique that has grown tremendously since it first opened and reached out to senior Audrey Zavada in creating a partnership. Kait has promised to give our chapter a portion of the profit made on her sales for the month. "I love it especially because shopping on that site makes it so much more personal. At first, it was just because I know the owner but now it's because I know the owner and she wants to personally help me!" says junior Emily Siok.
This change may have a longer lasting effect than we are aware of, but the Gamma Delta sisters aren't afraid of change. These women have awoken in the face of despair. When someone was called to help, numerous women stepped to the plate–even some who have left their collegiate days behind. Gamma Delta is a chapter that deals with adversity with the utmost grace and sophistication.

Gamma Delta Chapter members visit Hershey Medical Center and feel the impact of THON

Penn State University's largest philanthropy, THON, takes place the third week of February annually. To prepare, members of the Gamma Delta Chapter have been raising money through different fundraising events.

As a whole, THON raises millions of dollars to help find the cure for pediatric cancer while easing the financial burden of families struggling to help loved ones fighting battling cancer. To get a more personal perspective on the impact THON makes for these families, five seniors from the Gamma Delta Chapter, Alexa Pane, Jenna Hinkle, Kala Benjamin, Emily Francis and Jill Kennedy, traveled to the Hershey Medical Center with our partnered fraternity, Delta Tau Delta.

While there, the group met with a music therapist who explained the impact music has on their pediatric patients. She demonstrated what she does and how it affects the spirits of the children.

The group visited the research lab and saw scientists working to find the cure. Additionally, they met with a psychologist who talked about the different types of therapies he practices with the families to help them cope and the day-to-day struggles they face.

"The center also gave our group a breakdown on how the money we had raised the year before had helped the children," Christina Scavone, LAMP Editor and Historian, reported. "It had funded over 13 days of research, or over 518 days of outpatient treatment, or over 3,113 hours worth of music therapy. To be able to know exactly how our fundraising assisted these families and their children made the experience so meaningful."

The seniors who experienced this visit said it was humbling and the experience of a lifetime. "THON as a whole is a life-changing experience," said Christina. "But the seniors said that being able to visit the hospital and see where the money goes encourages us to do everything we possibly can to help."

Gamma Delta Chapter (Pennsylvania State University) spends a day on the ice for a good cause

The Gamma Delta Chapter attended a Penn State women's hockey game to support Delta Zeta's national philanthropy of speech and hearing, as well as support the university.

"Our sorority had the highest attendance and won money which we donated towards our philanthropy," said Christina Scavone, Historian. "Not only did we get to bond through cheering for the event, we were also chosen to be the entertainment on the ice in between periods!

"No one knew what to expect," Christina continued, "but 40 of us jumped at the opportunity. With makeshift 'brooms,' we ran around on the ice in Uggs and sneakers trying to score goals against our sisters. A few of the women were able to score! We loved every second of it."

Gamma Delta Chapter's spirit of fun enthusiastically caught the crowd watching the game.

Molly Kenny of Gamma Delta is 2017 Penn State Panhellenic Council Vice President for Membership

Molly Kenny, left, 2017 Penn State Panhellenic Council Vice President for Membership, with Andrea Joyce, who holds the current office.

Molly Kenny, Vice President of Membership for the Gamma Delta Chapter at Pennsylvania State University, is serving as the as the 2017 Penn State Panhellenic Council Vice President for Membership. She has a store of knowledge to share with the Council based on her experience in Delta Zeta.

As Vice President of Membership for the chapter, Molly has done an exceptional job guiding Gamma Delta through a successful Spring 2016 COB process to maintain Campus Total, planned workshops and formed strong committees for formal recruitment in the Fall of 2016 at Penn State. Teamwork with chapter members and Delta Zeta national Membership and RFM Specialists led to Gamma Delta obtaining its largest chapter size.

Gamma Delta has held an executive office on the campus Panhellenic Council for three consecutive years. Molly will make the chapter proud with a fourth year of leadership in Penn State's Panhellenic community.

Gamma Delta helps in the fight against pediatric cancer at Penn State Univ.

The Gamma Delta Chapter proudly participated in the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. Also known as THON, it is the largest student run philanthropy in the world. THON is a 46-hour dance marathon which raises awareness for pediatric cancer and raises money for the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

Delta Zeta engages in year-long fundraising efforts annually to raise money for THON. Last year, the chapter raised over $70,000 for the cause. Penn State recently featured a picture on their Facebook page of Gamma Delta members fundraising for THON. "The chapter is extremely proud of our sisters for all their effort and hard work put into the philanthropy!" said Emma Stewart, LAMP Editor and Historian.

Samantha Junod, THON Chairman for Gamma Delta, stated, “THON is my favorite event of the year. Seeing so many Delta Zetas come together, celebrating their year of fundraising and continuing to help fight for the cure for pediatric cancer, is empowering.”

"Gamma Delta is extremely proud and grateful to be involved in THON," Emma continued. "Throughout the year, we will be continuing to raise funds for THON and pediatric cancer!"

Gamma Delta holds second highest GPA out of 20 sororities on Penn State campus

The sisters of the Gamma Delta Chapter had a rewarding and successful academic year, ending with the second highest GPA out of all 20 sororities on campus at Penn State. The chapter provides weekly study hours for members, who help each other study or tutor other members. "This fosters our sisterhood through learning!" said Emma Stewart, LAMP Editor.

Jacqueline Browne, a junior, received a marketing internship this summer in New Jersey. Jacqueline is an advertising major and the Assistant Secretary for the Gamma Delta Chapter. As part as her internship this summer, the young professional will be completing weekly marketing projects. She said that she hopes to gain more experience on how the marketing field operates.

Jacqueline has many aspirations for the future. In the spring, she hopes to continue her education abroad in Italy, and gain more marketing experience in the years to come.

Gamma Delta Chapter (Pennsylvania State University) raises more than $8,200 for Starkey and continues to give in many ways
February 26, 2016

Gamma Delta THON.png
The Gamma Delta Chapter is having a very rewarding and successful year. The chapter has been fundraising  for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Painted Turtle camp, and the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON).

The chapter hosted a carnival at the Spikes Stadium for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, raising $8,212 for the Foundation. "Sisters, friends and members of the State College community enjoyed carnival games and bouncy houses," said Emma Stewart, LAMP Editor and Historian.

The chapter also participated in THON, a dance marathon which raises money for pediatric cancer research. "We are paired with Delta Tau Delta Fraternity to help fundraise for the event," said Emma. "The team raised $121,608!"

Member Abby Renko served as the Penn State Panhellenic President, and was voted as the 2015 Penn State Homecoming Queen. Abby has been admitted into the Penn State College of Medicine. "Congratulations Abby, we are so proud of you!" Emma said on behalf of the chapter.