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Gamma Lambda was founded on February 28, 1948 at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA. We've been around 71 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 10. We currently have a total of 84 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 2.98! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 890 service hours and $14243.91!

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Summer 2018 Alum Cruise

Continuing a biennial tradition that started in 2009, a group of Gamma Lambda alums gathered in Summer 2018 for a four-day cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada. Ports of call included Catalina and Ensenada, where some learned traditional Mexican cooking while others took a jeep tour of the area. Prior gatherings, which started when a group of four sisters relocated each other through Facebook in 2009, have included a weekend in Sacramento and two separate events in Lake Tahoe. These sisters plan to have another gathering in 2020.

Christina Dunbar, San Jose State - Gamma Lambda, National Miss Route 66, serves as ambassador for America's heritage

In October of 2016, Christina Dunbar, San Jose State - Gamma Lambda, participated in the National Miss Route 66 Pageant in Barstow, California.

"I saw this as an important opportunity to advocate for the preservation of this iconic piece of American history that my father and I are passionate about," Christina said. "I was very blessed to win the title, with the hope that I would be able to travel the historic route the following summer.

"This July 2017," Christina continued, "accompanied by my father, we traveled Route 66 from Santa Monica to Amarillo Texas, and back, stopping at the historical halfway mark at Adrian, Texas. We had the hope of driving the whole route; however, due to time and health restrictions, my father and I opted to drive halfway and back, seeing the sights we might have missed on the way home.

"On our journey, we were able to meet hundreds of travelers, local residents, veterans and native peoples. To encourage people to travel the route, and support these communities struggling to survive since the dawn of Interstate 40, signature cards and pageant business cards were left at every stop.

"I am currently in the process of developing the 'Southwestern Route Loop' to highlight the local communities and places of interest that I was able to visit. Those that complete the "Southwestern Route Loop' can receive a certificate of achievement from me.

"Above all, I hope that more people in my age group are encouraged to travel Route 66, and young women are encouraged to chase their dreams, no matter how crazy they sound. And I am anxiously looking forward to spending a whole day in 'Cars Land' Disneyland before the outgoing pageant, an attraction where Route 66 is brought to life at the famous theme park."

Stacie Strizek Davies, San Jose State - Gamma Lambda, publishes A Girl's Rules for Life--for women of all ages

Stacie Strizek Davies, San Jose State - Gamma Lambda, has published A Girl's Rules for Life,  on Amazon. Although the book was written for young women ages 12 - 24, women of all ages are enjoying it, too.

A Girl’s Rules for Life is a compilation of 280-plus “rules” or suggestions for positive living, for girls ages 12 to 24, as well as on into adulthood. Some rules are comical, some are serious but they are all meaningful and most have a story of success or some kind of failure, behind them.Learn more about the book here.

"Without a doubt," Stacie said, "my involvement with Delta Zeta encouraged me to build the confidence that I needed to put myself out there as a writer. My Delta Zeta sisters were strong, upwardly mobile, and empowered women, even in their youthful twenties. Their individual stories were often very inspiring to me. The experiences that I shared with my sisters many years ago regularly end up as material for my writing, today."

Stacie is a published author and blogger whose work focuses primarily on family, adolescent girls and women’s topics. She spent over 25 years of her career working in the field of marketing for a variety of Silicon Valley- based firms.

Although always having an interest in writing, Stacie didn’t begin actively writing until 2000 when her daughter was born. By 2015, her first few articles were published in parenting magazines. Shortly thereafter, she launched her website, Stacie Strizek Davies . Life Topics,

Stacie's petite novel, Surfacing, will be available in late November 2016, and her children’s book, Syd and her Best Mates, will be released near the Holiday Season of 2016.


Gamma Lambda Chapter raises $7,000 for Starkey Hearing Foundation
April 29, 2016

imagGamma Lambda Dukeout-resized.jpg

Gamma Lambda Chapter hosted its first annual Dukeout Week consisting of Cupcake Wars, Coin Wars, informational sessions, and the actual Dukeout event which involved a water balloon toss and an inflatable challenge.

In three days, Gamma Lambda raised $7,000 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation by selling over 3,000 cupcakes and having multiple fraternities and sororities compete in a Coin Wars competition. A Greek man and woman, both of whom have special connections to speech and hearing and have been truly dedicated to the chapter, were crowned as "Diamonds" at the end of the week.