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Lambda Kappa was founded on January 7, 1977 at University of Alabama/Huntsville in Huntsville, AL. We've been around 42 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 15. We currently have a total of 54 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.23! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $0.00!

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Lambda Kappa Chapter gives Helping Hands for Huntsville with the University of Alabama/Huntsville community

The Lambda Kappa Chapter at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is committed to volunteer and give back to the community. The entire chapter recently participated in the UAH-sponsored event called “Helping Hands for Huntsville.” This was a first-time campus-wide volunteer event for the fall semester.

Twenty members of the Lambda Kappa Chapter were up early on a Saturday morning to take their assignment at Manna House. Manna House is a public charity organization that distributes food to those in need in the Northern Alabama region.

Korinne Hemm, LAMP Editor and Historian said, "We rolled up our sleeves and channeled our inner 'Rosie the Riveter' to help with much of the necessary physical labor that comes with running a bulk charity food distribution. Besides all of the heavy lifting, a couple of sisters created gift bags for mothers who come to the Manna House around the holiday season. The gift bags include donated jewelry, a scarf, and other small gifts that are all wrapped into a purse. Together we made approximately150 jewelry sets for the 300 bags that will be given to mothers this December.

"By the end of the four-hour service event, we had managed to clean and reorganize much of Manna’s food warehouse. This event helped many sisters realize the 'behind the scenes' activities of organizations such as Manna House, and many of us gained an even higher respect for the volunteers who dedicate their lives to organizations like this. Every day we encourage one another to 'give graciously,' whether it be through our time or money, and our participation in UAH’s Helping Hands for Huntsville was one of many examples of giving in this way."

Truly DZ- Global Citizens: Sunnie Reagan and Sophie Krome

Two of our sisters at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Sunnie Reagan and Sophie Krome, spent their fall breaks on a mission trip to a small village in Haiti called Campion. This mission trip was through Cross Pointe Church who sponsors a private Christian school for grades kindergarten through eighth in Campion. During this past trip, Sunnie and Sophie helped register children for school (now totaling 216 children in those grades), training on health and hygiene for the whole village, and volunteering at a vacation bible school for the children.
Interview Question for Sunnie:
• Is there a specific memory you have from this mission trip that was impactful to you?
“I remember that a family from the Cross Pointe church donated a projector for us to use during the trip. With the projector we were able to play the Jesus story. One night, we went out to the village ad played this and seven men came to Christ after the film.”
• How do you believe that you can change lives for the better, or make a change that will change the world?
“I believe that I can make a change that will change the world by radiating positivity and showing love to those around me. By investing in even just one person, showing that individual that you do care for them and love them, they will undoubtedly be changed forever. Even if you don’t see the change right in that moment, over time, a change will persist due to the impact that was made in their life. Once they realize this change that you made in them, they will hopefully go on to actively and purposefully make a change in others around them. One by one, this outlook could change the world. Basically I think that even if it doesn’t change the whole world, it does change their world and I think that is something special and to be celebrated.”
Pictured: Sophie Krome (bottom), Sunnie Reagan (top)

Lauren Rosenthal, Lambda Kappa Chapter collegian, leads the way to Take Back the Night at University of Alabama/Huntsville

Lauren Rosenthal, a member of the Lambda Kappa Chapter, successfully hosted the university’s first “Take Back the Night” event. Lauren took the lead in planning the event through UAH’s Student Affairs office and in conjunction with Alabama A&M University, Oakwood University, Crisis Services of North Alabama, and AshaKiran.

Take Back the Night events are held both nationally and internationally, increasing visibility into the societal issue of sexual violence.

Lauren planned activities centered around bringing awareness to the issue of sexual violence by encouraging students to create a clothesline visual display of t-shirts that called attention to sexual/physical violence and had been designed by those who had survived violence or supports a victim. In addition, she arranged for a keynote speaker who was a sexual assault survivor, led a peaceful march with the intent to bring about more awareness of the issue, created a photo booth to empower those to stand against violence to speak up and out, and set up a pledge station where students could indicate in writing that they were willing to be a part of the solution.

With the support of her fellow sisters, Lauren was empowered to lead and serve her local community through this impactful program and to “Break the Silence and End the Violence.”

Greta Paris, Lambda Kappa collegian (Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville), defines Truly as unconditional love

"My sisters in Delta Zeta have shown me that unconditional love is really possible."

Greta Paris is experiencing many facets of college life at the University of Alabama/Huntsville. But she is most grateful for her experience as a member of the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Delta Zeta.

“Delta Zeta has given me a chance to come out of my shell and to make new friends," Great said when she thought about what Truly means to her. "Delta Zeta has helped me find a part of myself and people who I can share that with. By being a Delta Zeta, I feel like I have a responsibility to be true and respectful to myself and to others, and to always radiate positivity. It has also taught me to give graciously of what is mine and to give others love that is ever steadfast.”

Greta values Delta Zeta's influence on her life, helping her to succeed, no matter what she endeavors to do. "Delta Zeta has taught me that my goals in life can be reached and that I should strive to be the best that I can be," she continued. "I look up to all of my sisters and I see how they are able to reach their goals, and it inspires me to reach mine. They influence me to work harder because it will get me further in life and that is something I am so grateful for."

One particular challenge, which faced Greta shortly after she began school as a freshman, tested all of her stamina and courage.

"My first semester of college, I broke my foot," she said. "It was such a huge struggle for me and it really set me back in a lot of ways. I was very scared because getting around was so hard due to me not being able to drive. My sisters were there for me through it all and I couldn't be more thankful. These were my first few months in Delta Zeta and I quickly learned that I had joined a sisterhood that did exactly what they promised. My sisters were all so helpful to me and offered to take me places and to help me get around. With their help, I was able to keep my head held high because I knew that I could get through anything with them by my side.

"This experience really was a turning point for me in my experience with Delta Zeta and the difference that it has made has shown me that unconditional love really is possible."

Greta is working towards a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Alabama/Huntsville. "As of right now," she said, "I am keeping an open mind for career paths. With this degree, I could end up in an array of different jobs. Ultimately, I would like to work in a field of medical research that can help in advancing medicine."

Wherever her career and life take her, Greta knows her Delta Zeta sisters will be behind her with their support and love.

Lambda Kappa Chapter (University of Alabama/Huntsville) raises $10,000 for Starkey Hearing Foundation and Dr. Frank Crim Compassion Fund

The Lambda Kappa Chapter at the University of Alabama/Huntsville recently hosted its annual Chili Cook-Off. Through this event,  members support the Dr. Frank Crim Compassion Fund for Children with Cancer and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

"We had approximately 400 people come to this event," said Alexa  Eason, LAMP Editor and Historian. "This year, our goal was to raise $10,000, topping last year’s goal of $7,000. With the help of our sisters and very generous donations and sponsors, we raised just over $10,000, an amazing amount of $180 per member. The event was held at a local restaurant’s event room and included live music, fire pits, games, and over 70 different types of chili."

Come to the 40th anniversary celebration of the Lambda Kappa Chapter (University of Alabama/Hunstville) on January 7, 2017!

Charter members of the Lambda Kappa Kappa Chapter of the University of Alabama/Huntsville in 1977

The Lambda Kappa Chapter is hosting a 40th Charter Celebration on January 7, 2017. It is a reunion for all Delta Zeta women in North Alabama who have contributed to the collegiate chapter's success and the success of the Huntsville Alumnae Chapter. Please visit our website for more details about this exciting event.

The chapter is excited to celebrate with sisters near and far! We look forward to seeing you at this special anniversary event!

Lambda Kappa receives chapter awards and honors at University of Alabama/Huntsville
June 24, 2016

The 2016 Greek Week event at the University of Alabama/Huntsville took place on April 4-10, 2016. Caitie Carr, Lindsey Clardy, Amanda Falkner, Alumnae Realtions Chairman, Cierra Lester, Lauren Rosenthal, Guard, and Megan Tidwell, Historian and LAMP Editor, were among those Greeks honored at the banquet with a 4.0 GPA.

Lambda Kappa Best Mixer-pic6.png

During Greek Week, Lambda Kappa also won awards for Best Mixer and Excellence in Risk Management. "Our mixer was with Sigma Nu and was planned by Simran Kharel," said Megan Tidwell. Members from Lambda Kappa and Sigma Nu cooked breakfast foods and enjoyed getting to know each other during the mixer.

Kaley Doster, Risk Management Chairman, organized the award-winning risk management event. Kaley contacted the campus police and invited an officer to teach the Lambda Kappa members the art of self-defense. Kaley said, “It was a really fun way to learn valuable skills. It taught us that we are capable of defending ourselves and avoiding attacks. We hope to continue classes of this nature in the future.”
Lazy Dayz philanthropy event is how Lambda Kappa Chapter (University of Alabama/Huntsville) gives back to its members
June 24, 2016

The Lambda Kappa Chapter hosted its spring philanthropy event, the fourth annual Lazy Dayz on April 16, 2016. Several members of chapter put together baskets and coolers full of items, which were available through a silent auction. Some of these included a cooler with fishing gear, a bucket with baking ingredients, a camping-themed cooler, and a basket perfect for a movie night. Meal tickets and t-shirts were also available to buy.

Lambda Kappa pic2.jpg

Lazy Dayz took place on the greenway of Greek Row and included live music, a bounce house, yard games, and lots of participants."The event was a huge success!" said Megan Tidwell, LAMP Editor and Historian.

The money raised at the event was donated to a sister of the Lambda Kappa Chapter in need. "For example," continued Megan, "last year, one of our amazing sisters, Jaycey, was experiencing a need for her family. Jaycey’s little cousin, JC, was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was only three years old at the time of his diagnosis. He needed surgeries, chemotherapy, MRIs, radiation and other treatments. The money that we raised from Lazy Dayz was donated to Jaycey’s family to contribute to some of these expenses. Today, her cousin is four years old and cancer-free. Lambda Kappa has followed his story closely and we are so happy that we could contribute something for his treatments.

Lambda Kappa pic3.jpg

"This year, we decided to raise money for our sister, Caitie. Caitie’s little sister, Haley, has cystic fibrosis. This requires different forms of treatment and medication, and our chapter wanted to contribute. Caitie had no idea until it was announced at the event that the money would be donated to her family. We also surprised Caitie by bringing her family, who lives out of state, to the event to be there when it was announced. We were able to raise $2,200 for Haley. It was a beautiful moment to see Caitie surrounded by the people she loved, and it was a reminder to the rest of us of the joy we experience from this sisterhood and having the opportunity to give back to each other."