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Omicron Beta was founded on February 17, 1990 at Stockton University in Pomona, NJ. We've been around 29 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 2. We currently have a total of 82 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.42! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $0.00!

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Delta Zeta's 'Cheesy DZ' Philanthropy Event

Delta Zeta’s Annual Cheesy DZ Philanthropy Event

Cheesy DZ is known to be our biggest and most successful philanthropy event of the year. For this event, all of our sisters make a dish that consists of cheese and serve it to students who graciously bought a ticket to support our philanthropy. Who can resist a full plate of cheesy food for just five dollars? This event is where sisters come together, make any cheese food they enjoy, and raise money so that it could be donated to help others.
Our Vice President of Philanthropy, Ashley Thorn, did an amazing job putting together this event. She put in many hours planning the event, as well as deciding what cheese dishes were the best options to have. Ashley also ensured that the event room was decorated in a way that made people want to come back again the following year. All of the hard work that Ashley contributed to creating this event paid off because the end results were perfection.
So many of our sisters helped during the process of making Cheesy DZ a great success. They helped decorate the event room, made more food than what was required, helped serve and greet people, and work the registration table to sell even more tickets. Ashley Thorn, and members of our chapter, did an amazing job raising over 3,000 dollars for our philanthropy. Raising such a large amount of money just from one event only motivates us more to try our best with organizing other philanthropy events so they can be just as successful.
Our chapter is all about fundraising and ensuring we try our absolute best to raise money for a great cause. As a chapter, we look forward to this event each year and are looking forward to raising more money for our philanthropy as the year go on.

Cheesy DZ

Not much can top the feeling you get when you know you’re helping someone. That’s a feeling myself, my sisters, and others students at our university all became familiar with again on Wednesday night, February 28th. We filled a lot of stomachs and shared a lot of laughs all while raising $858 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Each spring we hold one of our annual philanthropy events, Cheesy DZ, where we’re able to share our philanthropy with our campus, feed our fellow students some delicious cheese dishes, raise money for Starkey, and overall have a great time! From quesadillas, to nachos, to pizza, to tortellinis, to cheesecake, it was a room full of great smells and smiles.

It wouldn’t be a successful event without the precision and planning and our Vice President of Philanthropy, Ashley Gelenites, did a great job in bringing our sisters and our campus together for a great cause. Tabling to sell tickets in advance and a non-stop flow of sharing our flyer on social media helped spread the word, and we did our best event to get every other organization on campus to come by and support us. Behind the scenes Ashley was assigning sisters their cheesy dishes to make, buying materials, and running around non-stop to plan and organize the event.

After months of planning and preparation and some last minute meal making, nothing was better than being able to watch the event unfold on Wednesday night. Precisely at 8 pm people were lined up at the door waiting to come in and see what we had to offer this year. It’s always so funny to hear the comments made as people walk through the line, “Oh my goodness you have cheesecake too?!”, “Oh man ravioli’s, I love ravioli’s!”. This year one women brought her baby along and sisters oo’ed and ahh’ed as she fed him cheesecake and he giggled. It’s awesome to hear people from other organizations comment on how well we did and how great the event was. Once most people have gotten their food and sat down to enjoy it, we play our philanthropy video so people can be aware of exactly where their money is going. The very moving video always leads to laughs and a few tears, even from sisters who have seen it over and over again. Everyone eats and mingles, we thank them for coming and around 10 pm a great night comes to end. It was our new members first opportunity to see our sisters come together at a philanthropy event, a real life chance for them to see what we do and why we do it, and a night to bring them even closer to sisters.

After two hours, lots of cheese eaten, plenty of laughs shared, and dollars raised, it was another successful year for one of our favorite events, Cheesy DZ.

Omicron Beta Chapter recognized with Distinguished Chapter honors at Stockton University

The Omicron Beta Chapter was recognized with Distinguished Chapter honors for the 2015-2016 academic year at Stockton University.

Distinguished Chapter honors are given only to chapters who earn high marks in all five areas of focus on the Stockton accreditation program, the Growth & Recognition Plan: academic achievement, leadership development, chapter operations, programming and risk reduction.

Omicron Beta Chapter hosts Haunted Hike at Stockton University to benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation
December 31, 2015

Omicron Beta Halloween-cropped1.jpg
The Omicron Beta Chapter (Stockton University) got into the Halloween spirit with a fun twist on Delta Zeta's Hike for Hearing by hosting a spooky Haunted Hike. The Hike, which benefits Delta Zeta's national philanthropic partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation, was located on the university’s Dark Path, giving the walk an eerie touch as participants walked through the woods.

"We teamed with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and dressed up in different costumes," said Rebekah Marley Makin, LAMP Editor. "These included scary dolls, clowns, skeletons, the Joker, haunted prom queens and, surprisingly, Gumby (a lot scarier than you would think!). Everyone enjoyed the event and braved the cold night to participate. We are extremely grateful for the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon who helped with the event. We had an amazing turnout. In addition to the walk, we held a creative bake sale with Halloween-themed goods like spider-shaped cookies made by one of our own sisters. Omicron Beta plans to continue this Haunted Hike as an annual tradition and we are so excited to make it even spookier next year!"