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Pi Beta was founded on April 26, 2003 at University of Hartford in West Hartford, CT. We've been around 16 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 1. We currently have a total of 34 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.52! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 489 service hours and $538.00!

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Pi Beta Chapter receives Outstanding Philanthropy Award and holds highest GPA for Fall 2016 at University of Hartford

The Pi Beta Chapter at the University of Hartford was awarded the Outstanding Philanthropy Award for Spring 2016, and holds the highest overall GPA for the Fall 2016 out of all six sororities on campus.

Pi Beta Chapter (University of Hartford) members give graciously during 2016 spring break

June 24, 2016

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Three outstanding members participated in community service trips during spring break, as well as volunteering in the University of Hartford's day of community service: Hawks Helping Hartford.

Two women went to North Fort Meyers, Florida through the University’s Center For Community Service’s Alternative Spring Break trip. They helped to build houses through a connection with Habitat for Humanity.

Gabby Novak helps those still struggling with Hurricane Katrina's aftermath to rebuild.

Gabby Novak participated in a community service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, volunteering with “Project Homecoming,” a disaster relief program through Greek InterVarsity. The program began as a post-Hurricane Katrina project. Gabby worked with a team and helped paint a house that would benefit a family who lost their home due to the hurrican in 2005.

Gabby said that, when she took a break after every long day, she “immersed [herself] in the New Orleans culture in the French Quarter.” On her trip, Gabby realized that, even a decade later, there is still more to be done to rebuild this city. A graduating a senior, she said, “On this trip, I learned that New Orleans still needs help even after Katrina hit 10 years ago. Because of Delta Zeta, I was able to give graciously of what is mine and help those who are in need and less fortunate.”
"We are so proud of all of our sisters who gave graciously of their time and energy throughout the year," said Leah Marquis, LAMP Editor and Historian, "especially during spring break."

Pi Beta's (University of Hartford) Hike For Hearing raises $3,300 and awareness
March 25, 2016

The Pi Beta Chapter at the University of Hartford has raised more than $3,300 for the Hike for Hearing to benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Member Jamie Rubenstein said that she is passionate that what she is doing on the Hike is making a difference.

Nicole Doucette, Vice President of New Member Education, says, “About 10 years ago, my grandmother's hearing was restored by receiving a cochlear implant. Watching her go from being nearly deaf and relying on lip reading, to being able to hear and do things as simple as talk on the phone has shown me truly how important the ability to hear is.” Thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Hike For Hearing, Nicole represents what Delta Zeta strives to achieve: an active way to make an impact on the speech and hearing community.

Members have raised money individually through our personal Hike For Hearing sites as well as through the chapter initiative, THE AM??ING RACE. Even after the Hike, members continued to utilize their pages to continue raising money for. Some have surpassed their personal goals, and haven’t stopped yet!

"As for the day of the hike itself, when we all made it to the top, there was joy (and a breeze) in the air!" said Leah Marquis, LAMP Editor. "Sisters wrote what the Hike meant to them. Answers ranged from 'So we can hear the words "I love you”' (Tiana Thurmond) to 'Because I can have fun with my sisters while making a difference,' (Allison Flores)."

The Hike made a different impact on each woman. Some members who are studying Special Education recognized that one day, they will have students who will receive the benefits of Delta Zeta’s service. Senior Gabby Novak said, “I am thankful for my sense of hearing and [the Hike] gives others the chance to hear again or create awareness.” When we reached the top of Talcott Mountain, members participated in group bonding activities and posed for pictures over the view of Simsbury, Connecticut with the American-inspired Delta Zeta flag.