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Theta Eta was founded on May 8, 1962 at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. We've been around 56 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 8. We currently have a total of 170 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.48! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 795 service hours and $2505.00!

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Fight for FSL

In July, my sisters and I attended the Delta Zeta National Convention in San Francisco, California and we left refreshed, excited and empowered to create change. At one of our chapter meetings, Kathi Heatherly, the National Government Relations Chairman presented. This presentation highlighted the role of the Fraternal Government Coalition, Fraternity and Sorority Life bans across the country, issues Fraternity and Sorority students are facing at Harvard, the Tennessee House Bill, and so forth. During this presentation, Ms. Heatherly presented legislative solutions but also strongly encouraged the colligate members to go back to our home chapters and share this information with our sisters. How could Delta Zeta be engaged in this national crisis?
Throughout the presentation, ideas upon ideas were flooding through my brain. I wrote down many thoughts on how Theta Eta could participate in this movement: lobbying, fundraising events with Alumna to raise for the FSPAC… or maybe a Phone-A-Thon. Within the first week of returning to my hometown after Convention, I got to work. I started by contacting our chapters University/Government Relations Chair, Abigail Neddo as well as our Social Justice Chair, Marissa Galardi. I asked these two sisters in particular if they’d be willing to organize a Delta Zeta hosted campus wide Phone-A-Thon at Creighton University with me and they were all in. We brought the issues introduced at Convention to our chapter during a chapter meeting and shared our vision with the women. Theta Eta was all in and ready to take on this event with Abigail, Marissa, and I. After receiving approval from our University, our next move was to bring forth the idea to the Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council for a partnership. Our two governing councils were on board with the event proposal as well. Planning for the FSL Phone-A-Thon was in full swing! Through many invitations, advertising, chapter visits, alumni outreach and campus relations, the Phone-A-Thon was set for Tuesday, December 4th. The Phone-A-Thon had eight phones with scripts and each states senators and representatives phone numbers set up in the lobby of the student center. A large map of the United States was hung up on a bulletin board to keep track of every phone call made – each push pin represented one phone call. We also had pre-addressed, pre-written post cards printed out ready for students who wanted to sign a postcard and be a part of the movement. Each hour of the event, Delta Zeta – Theta Eta women were working the event, assisting students with the phones and encouraging those around to take part in the movement! The event was broadcasted and marketed throughout the day by PHC, IFC and Creighton Bluejay Life social media.
On December 4th, 2018, 500 postcards were signed and nearly 150 phone calls were made to our men and women in office. Students at Creighton University participated in a day-long Phone-A-Thon to call and write to our senators and representatives, sharing what Fraternity and Sorority Life meant to us and encouraging them to support the rights of university students and single-sex organizations to assembly and due process. The Fraternity and Sorority Life community stood together as one to stand up for something that means a lot to us. This event pursued constructive dialogue regarding the positive impact of student voices in politics and the positive impacts of single-sex organizations on college campuses. This is a very important issue in our country that we as a community and students at Creighton University wanted to address and set an example across the nation. One of Delta Zeta – Theta Eta’s goals this year is to engage in our Fraternity and Sorority Life community and use our voices to educate others and speak on issues we find important.
Tom Laughlin, IFC President at John Hopkins University says it well: “"If you remove Greek Life, you are robbing young men and women nationwide of an opportunity for personal growth." Our goal is to be men and women for and with others as we voice our desire to support FSL in our country. We wish to promote education and awareness about this pertinent social topic that is either ignored because students have the mindset that “it could never happen here” or they are simply unaware of what is happening at other institutions and in other states. This event promoted political engagement, advocacy and voter turnout on our campus because Delta Zeta encouraged students to advocate for something that is important to them. This event brought a sense of unity throughout the FSL community on campus as we all came together to advocate for something that we find great joy and passion in. Being in a sorority or fraternity is not just an extracurricular activity; it is an opportunity to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. We want to stand together for that.

Aly Schreck, collegiate member of Theta Eta Chapter at Creighton University, is dedicated to lifelong learning
May 6, 2016

Aly Schreck, a member of the Theta Eta Chapter at Creighton University, is dedicated to lifelong learning, and credits Delta Zeta with inspiring her to make that journey.

"I realized early on in my academic journey that I excelled most when I was surrounded by people who were goal oriented and determined to succeed," Aly said. "In coming to college, I searched to find this group of people, and discovered it when I joined Delta Zeta. The women of the Theta Eta Chapter at Creighton University value higher education, and the number of Delta Zeta campus tutors, Dean's list recipients and independent researchers support this fact.

"In seeing their efforts and successes, I was inspired to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of our campus newspaper, volunteer to edit scholarship applications for local high school students, and add two minors to my degree. I believe that with knowledge comes responsibility, and I have seen my Delta Zeta sisters put their knowledge into motion around the community. Through volunteering weekly at an after-school program for middle school students and working independently to raise funds for local charities, I have taken part in and witnessed Delta Zeta's commitment to using education as a tool to better one another as well as the greater community."
Gabby Thro, Theta Eta Chapter (Creighton University), is working toward a Starkey Hearing mission trip with chapter's support
February 19, 2016

The Theta Eta Chapter truly supports one member of the chapter in the Hike for Hearing, Gabby Thro. The chapter is hoping to send Gabby on a Starkey mission trip to help those with hearing challenges.

Gabby is a sophomore who truly believes in the cause. ""Before I joined Delta Zeta," she said, "I had no idea how prominent hearing issues were. And I think that's how all challenges are. You don't understand how significant it is until you experience a situation that hits home to you. Delta Zeta inevitably encouraged me to understand how common hearing challenges are. And, how frequent these occur in people without the means to do something about it.

"I thank Delta Zeta for not only advocating but for taking action on this extremely prevalent, yet little-known issue that so many people face," said Gabby.