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Xi Xi was founded on April 29, 1989 at University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, GA. We've been around 29 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 17. We currently have a total over 100 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.35! We won Sorority of the Year for the 2017 school year at UNG!

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Giving Graciously: Sarah Sever's Mission

Delta Zeta sister Sarah Sever is in the process of founding her own nonprofit called The Dwelling Place: Home of Hope. The purpose of this organization is to aid women facing struggles with pregnancy and homelessness.

“It’s for women who maybe have been involved in domestic abuse or they’ve gotten pregnant and they don’t know where to go,” explained Sever. “It’s just a place of refuge for them.”

Sever explained that her goal is to purchase a three-bedroom home that she can lease to three women at a time. There would be rules for the women to follow during their stay, but Sever says that one benefit to them living there would be to have the other women watch their children for them while they’re away. During this time, the renters could be networking and looking for jobs without having to worry about where they will stay.

Sever said she got the idea for her business model in her entrepreneurship course. She follows the lean startup model, which involves starting a company small and then growing over time.

Sever will graduate in May 2019, and she said that after graduation she plans to focus more on the business side of running her nonprofit. Previously she worked at the nonprofit Source America and she would like to return to learn more about running a nonprofit of her own.

A lot of inspiration for the nonprofit also comes from Sever’s love for women. Her desire for her nonprofit is to be another source of help for women in need, especially women who are pregnant.

“I think a lot of times we say, well you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t have abortions, without giving somebody hope. So, this is just something that if women want another option, they can have it,” said Sever.

As a member of the Delta Zeta sisterhood, Sever has had an opportunity to grow her love for women by interacting with over 100 sisters. She says that DZ has given her another love for women along with making connections with people, especially people who are different from her and facing different struggles.

“People are hurting,” she said. “There are other people in this world and they need help.”

Promoting Health and Wellness

Gabbi Estrada has been working to create an environment for members of her chapter to encourage healthy lifestyle habits. From organizing group exercise sessions taught by a personal trainer to sending encouraging messages about being active each day, she is helping her sisters find a routine that pushes them to be the best version of themselves. Gabbi says that by serving as her chapter’s intramural chair she has the opportunity to incorporate more bonding activities in a setting that promotes personal health and overall well-being. By expanding her role from just directing intramurals to incorporating group exercise sessions, Gabbi has formed a community within her chapter that is dedicated to holding each other accountable for personal growth.

When asked what she loves most about being intramural chair, she responded by stating that she “was inspired to create a sense of community with a goal of bettering each other in the process! I think my favorite part of organizing the group workouts is seeing people signup and then also signing up their big or little and close friends as well. It really is all about community, and it encourages me so much to see everyone just having fun with it!”

In addition to being intramural chair, Gabbi is taking rigorous courses due to her nursing major and Spanish minor, she is working part-time at an insurance company, and holds leadership roles in two other organizations outside of Delta Zeta. Although Gabbi finds herself having a busy schedule, making her health a priority has helped her to stay motivated and have enough energy each day.

Xi Xi leaders (Univ. of No. Georgia) apply learning from L3 Leadership Summit

Maddie Martaus, Social Chairman; Viktoria Grey, VP of Programs; Gabbie Davis and Megan Carlisle

Members of the Xi Xi Chapter at the University of North Georgia attended the L3 Leadership Conference, a gathering of emerging student leaders from colleges and universities across the state of Georgia that focuses on building the leadership skills necessary to leave a purposeful legacy. The program is packed with engaging team building activities and informative leadership training sessions.

Maddie Martaus, Social Chairman; Viktoria Grey, VP of Programs; Gabbie Davis and Megan Carlisle learned more leadership skills to bring back to the Xi Xi Chapter, as well as to the other organizations that these women are involved in on campus.