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Zeta Beta was founded on April 13, 1957 at University of Wisconsin/Stout in Menomonie, WI. We've been around 62 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 8. We currently have a total of 29 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.41! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 0 service hours and $0.00!

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The Power of a DZ

The Power of a DZ

Since fall our Zeta Beta Chapter at University of Wisconsin have completed so many great things. Some of these events include our Hit for Hearing event, Hamburgers for Hearing, a Butter Braid fundraiser, building of a time chest (capsule), and our recent DZ Retreat. All these events were very successful and provided a great experience for members of our chapter, and those of the public who attended. Us girls are especially proud of the Butter-Braid fundraiser, ran by our ways and means chair, because with hard work and dedication, we raised over $750 for our chapter! Another one of the events that had such great importance for our chapter, was the Delta Zeta retreat. It left us with a strong sense of family, and understanding of why all of us were meant to be a DZ.

Diving deeper into the retreat, the girls of our chapter had a “lock in” in one of the buildings on campus which turned out to be a great experience for all of us to take from. We arrived in the assigned rooms at around 5pm. All of us brought our sleeping goodies, along with games and snacks to keep the night going. The VP of Membership planned the whole retreat so well, with sisterly bonding activities, a delicious pasta dinner, a chapter discussion on the creed, and a discussion on why all of us play such a huge role in being a DZ. Our discussion of the creed, had the biggest impact on us girls. We took the time to precisely go through it line and break down it’s meaning to what it truly means to be a Delta Zeta. For example, in our line “To whom my life may touch in slight measure, May I give graciously of what is mine”, we all discussed how that meant extending our knowledge to others, whether it be tangible or not. We said it meant to contribute ourselves to Delta Zeta in ways help it become stronger and grow. Lastly, we spoke of selflessness, because being a DZ, we strive to love others, and put them before ourselves to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Also, during this retreat, we learned some fun new chants and songs from our song chair, in preparation for next recruitment season. After leaving the next morning, we all agreed to having a greater sense of family within our chapter.

Some planned events we look forward to this semester include our All You Can Eat Baked Potato Dinner (proceeds donated to the Painted Turtle Camp), initiating our 3, beautiful new COB girls, a Pancake Dinner, Parents Luncheon, tons of sisterhoods, Relay for Life, and a Time Capsule event held by our historian.

Written by: Christina Scinto, LAMP Editor/Historian

Zeta Beta Chapter has had an exciting 2016 and is ready for 2017 at University of Wisconsin/Stout

The Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Wisconsin/Stout has had an exciting school year in 2016. The chapter won best overall in the Homecoming Parade, including spirit, float decoration, and participation.

Zeta Beta hosted Hit for Hearing, and annual softball tournament to benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation. The chapter also holds fundraisers throughout the year to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Zeta Beta Chapter surpasses 2016 Relay for Life goal on University of Wisconsin/Stout's campus

When the Zeta Beta Chapter participated in the University of Wisconsin/Stour's Relay for Life with a goal to raise $1,000, the chapter was astounded to raise more than $3,000 with the very generous donations of others

"As a smaller chapter," Caitlin VanHaren, Historian and LAMP Editor, explained "even surpassing a small goal like this made us so happy! The women who participated during the event had lots of fun for a worthy cause."