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Zeta Nu was founded on May 6, 1961 at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI. We've been around 56 years and going strong!

Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 6. We currently have a total of 40 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.13! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 245 service hours and $120.00!

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Jacie Brown, Ferris State - Zeta Nu, is a lifelong learner dedicated to helping veterans and police officers

Jacie, a member of the Zeta Nu Chapter, has spent the last four years at Ferris State University studying not only criminal justice but psychology as well.

Jacie's sisters in the chapter wished her well as she left Ferris State to attend graduate school at Palo Alto University in California. Palo Alto is the next step in Jacie's lifelong studies as she works towards  her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Her ultimate goal is to help traumatized veterans and police officers. Jacie is truly a lifelong learner “through my own experiences and through the experiences of others.”

"We know that Jacie is going to make a difference in so many lives as she seeks to further educate herself throughout her lifetime," said Aubrey Griffin, LAMP Editor.

Zeta Nu Chapter participates in Circle of Sisterhood at Ferris State University

All of the sororities at Ferris State University came together to help Panhellenic Council’s philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood. In March of 2017, one week focused on the Circle of Sisterhood. All proceeds went towards proving an educating to women around the world. The Zeta Nu Chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority was proud to be a part of this important philanthropic effort.

Paige Kevnick, President of the Zeta Nu Chapter at Ferris State University, is truly thankful for her Delta Zeta experience

"Delta Zeta is really my home away from home," said Paige Kevnick, President of the Zeta Nu Chapter at Ferris State University. "The Zeta Nu Chapter has always been there to support me. I have really learned a lot through this amazing organization.

"It isn’t just about the cute matching shirts or always having at least one person to do things with," Paige affirms, "but it is about how we as a group of woman impact our campus and the community around us."

Paige's passion for service found a home in Delta Zeta. "I have always had a passion for service, but Delta Zeta showed me just how passionate I truly was about service. Delta Zeta has taught me how to be a leader. Never, when I began college, did I think I would join a sorority, let alone be a chapter president in that sorority!" Paige said.

"I am by no means perfect and am still a learning how to be a leader, but my chapter is with me through this learning process, and I definitely would be lost without this amazing group of woman. To become a leader, you must learn time management and communication skills, both of which are beneficial to you now and when you are out of college. I am so thankful for this organization as a whole, but even more so for my wonderful chapter, Zeta Nu."

Zeta Nu Chapter (Ferris State Univeristy) receives $5,000 Hike for Hearing donation
February 15, 2016

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The Zeta Nu Chapter at Ferris State University received a $5,000 donation to Hike for Hearing from a sister's family. This put the chapter over its Hike for Hearing goal, with a total in donations to date of more than $6,000. Zeta Nu members are very thankful for the generosity of this family.