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Zeta Pi was founded on November 11, 1961 at University of Georgia in Athens, GA. We've been around 55 years and going strong! Our chapter is a part of Delta Zeta Region 17. We currently have a total of 280 members in our chapter and our average GPA is 3.6! For the academic year Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 our chapter has donated 8119 service hours and $15298.22!

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Zeta Pi Wing Bash

In the Zeta Pi Chapter, the Delta Zeta sisters have achieved empowerment in the last year through leadership and service. The most powerful way that we have come together this year was at our annual Wing Bash. Wing Bash is our fall philanthropy that provides all you can eat wings, live music, raffles, and wing-eating contests. Our chapter has worked so hard on this event each year to ensure it continues to improve. On September 18th, we hosted this event to raise money for our local philanthropy, the Turtle Grant. Due to our hard work, Wing Bash is a huge success and is looked forward to each year in Greek life. Our Vice President of Philanthropy, Sophomore, Jordan Bourbo, worked hard to help us achieve a turn out of almost 1000 people while raising almost $7,700 dollars toward our philanthropy.

In order to achieve these numbers we changed a few things from the year before. Last year one of our own sisters participate in the wing eating contest however, this year, to change it up, we had two wing eating contests. One for our event guests and one with a sister from each pledge class in order to engage our sorority and keep it fun! We also kept our event pet friendly which allowed dogs to come and brightened up everyone’s experience.

Wing Bash is such a wonderful philanthropy because so many people love wings and also because we bring the community of Athens together. Many people from all over campus and the county come to support. Being able to meet new people and raise money for something our chapter is truly passionate about makes this event so special to every Delta Zeta and guest. In completing this event, we also give back to the Athens community by sponsoring families and their hearing impaired loved ones with sign language books and hearing aids. Another reason why this is so important to us is because one of our own sisters, Madison McConnell, has a brother that suffers from hearing loss. Starkey Hearing, one of our philanthropic bodies we donate to, provided him with free hearing aids when he was young. Due to this special story, our society can come together as a whole and remember what a difference we can make. We also see a direct impact through a local philanthropy program at Cleveland Road Elementary. At this school we all go and play with them and just keep them company on their school days. A lot of times, we will have themes in order to get the kids excited. From the money we raise, we are able to hand deliver dictionaries and board games to keep the kids engaged. We have been able to host many parties with them already from the money we have raised and are looking forward to continuing this hands-on experience.

As shown in our events, the members of Zeta Pi constantly are reminded of why we serve these members of the Athens community. This year's Wing Bash has benefited our philanthropy and will continue to improve due to the passion our chapter has for service.

Zeta Pi Chapter (University of Georgia) raises $6,000 for speech and hearing

On September 27, 2017, the Zeta Pi Chapter at the University of Georgia hosted its annual Wing Bash to raise money for the funding of its local philanthropy, the Turtle Grant.

"Wing Bash is known as one of the most popular fall Greek philanthropy events on campus as students and locals look forward to it each year," said Madeline Ryan, LAMP Editor. "This year, we raised approximately $6,000 dollars. Lindsay Leiner, Vice President of Philanthropy and junior, hosted Bite of Athens this past spring, as well as this year’s Wing Bash. She has done an outstanding job of organizing and preparing for our philanthropy events, as she has raised over $12,000 total through these events. Not only does Lindsay host and organize these events, but she also participates and volunteers at them, including volunteering at Cleveland Road Elementary.

"Each year, we have an outstanding turnout for Wing Bash," continued Madeline. "More than 800 people attended this year. At the event, we have wings from a vendor outside of Athens who cooks them fresh at our Delta Zeta house. During the event, we have a wing eating competition which is one of the main attractions. We also have live music, a raffle and a few local vendors. Our event is also pet-friendly, so lots of people bring their dogs, making this event even more inviting and fun for all.

"Wing Bash is such a unique event on campus because not only is it a night for everyone to gather and meet new friends, but it is also our chapter’s chance to raise money for our own local philanthropy, the Turtle Grant. This branch of our philanthropy is unique to the Zeta Pi Chapter in that it gives back directly to people in the Athens community. The most rewarding part about raising this money is that we can see its direct impact as it sponsors children and their families by providing hearing aids and sign language dictionaries to those who cannot afford them. Members of the Zeta Pi Chapter have been able to hand deliver dictionaries to these kids during our monthly holiday parties at Cleveland Road Elementary.

"We have already had the opportunity to host a back-to-school party for the kids in the deaf and hard-of-hearing program at Cleveland Road in September. Twenty-two Zeta Pi members did crafts and a scavenger hunt with the kids, and interacted with people who are impacted directly by our philanthropy. We are looking forward to hosting more holiday parties for the kids as we open the opportunity to volunteer at the school to our new pledge class as well as the rest of the chapter.

"Members of the Zeta Pi Chapter are consistently involved in bettering the Athens community through our own philanthropy as well as outside organizations<" concluded Madeline.

Zeta Pi Chapter contributes $25,000 to UGA Miracle for hospitalized children

The Zeta Pi Chapter at the University of Georgia raised over $25,000 for the school’s philanthropy, UGA Miracle, which benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a partner hospital of Children's Miracle Network.

Member Izzy Zucker served as Director during this tremendous record-breaking year of raising more than $1 million overall.

In other news, previous Executive Board members for the chapter, Carson Holden and Megan Kirk served on the advisory board for the inaugural Truly Connected event held in Atlanta in Febraury 2016.

Members of Zeta Pi Chapter (University of Georgia) volunteer to help speech and hearing classes at local elementary school

Members of the Zeta Pi Chapter (University of Georgia) enjoy volunteering time to make crafts with two classes of Cleveland Road Elementary School’s speech and hearing and speech program.

"We had an amazing time getting to know each of the sweet kids!" said member Hayden Farthing. "Our local philanthropy, The Turtle Grant, helps people in the Athens community with speech and hearing challenges, so it's truly gratifying to see first hand the impact we can have on these kids! We were also able to volunteer with their Field Day activities in May! We loving having these unique opportunities with students in Athens-Clarke County."

Zeta Pi Chapter's Bite of Athens event at University of Georgia raises $13,000 for speech and hearing and The Painted Turtle

Zeta Pi Chapter hosted 14 local vendors for its second annual Bite of Athens, a night where the community can sample food from several restaurants located around Athens while local shops display sale booths. The money raised from the event is donated to the Delta Zeta's national philanthropy of speech and hearing and its national service project, The Painted Turtle.

"This year's event raised more than $13,000!" said Ashley Stigler, Vice President of Philanthropy. “I think as the years go on, the event will become even bigger, and it will be easier to recruit restaurants to participate,” she continued. “I think we will invite the same restaurants back, but we also want to contact newer Athens restaurants to add a more unique aspect.”

Zeta Pi Chapter continues to achieve academically on University of Georgia's campus

For the 2016 Spring semester, Zeta Pi was ranked fifth out of 18 sororities with a GPA average of 3.54. The differences between the sororities went down to the tenth decimal place. Twenty-five of  the chapter's members were Presidential Scholars, while 57 members were placed on the Dean’s list.

Zeta Pi Chapter's 10th annual wing bash raises $8,400 for speech and hearing on University of Georgia campus
March 25, 2016

Each year, the Zeta Pi Chapter holds an event known as Wing Bash. The 10th annual wing bash was held on the University of Georgia campus to raise funds to benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation as well as the chapter's local philanthropy, The Turtle Grant. More than 1,000 community members attended the philanthropy event, and members of Zeta Pi raised over $8,400 for speech and hearing.